RH_ILNY_10_cover A

Robyn Hood: I Love NY #10

NYC needs a guardian angel, and Robyn has unselfishly answered the call time and time again – but she’s starting to wonder if that’s what she really wants.

GTOT_03_Vol3_Cover A

Grimm Tales of Terror: Vol. 3 #3

Stories of Black Eyed Children have been told for scares many times over. But it’s hard to laugh when the black eyed children show up on your doorstep…

Cinderella_SKP_03 cover A

Cinderella: Serial Killer Princess #3

Cindy’s bloodlust for Robyn is building as her mission for the Order of the Tarot extends into the other realms. Is any place safe when she takes on Wonderland?

DOTD_02_cover A

Day of the Dead #2

Mary Medina finds herself at the center of a sinister mystery during Mardi Gras… who or what is taking women of New Orleans?

RedAgent_THO_04_cover A

Red Agent: The Human Order #4

Reeling from their loss, Britney’s team retreats inside Cheyenne Mountain. But their respite is short lived when an old enemy shows up at the front gates!

GFT_03 cover_A

Grimm Fairy Tales: Vol. 2 #3

What if someone had evil desires that were granted by a wish from a genie? Now, a villain is taking that power and it’s up to Skye to stop them.

RH_ILNY_09_cover A

Robyn Hood: I Love NY #9

Death Force is on a rampage in NYC! Robyn fights to protect her home turf, stop Death Force from hurting innocent people, and solve the mystery of his madness!