DeathForce02_cover A

Death Force #2

Rick Murphy’s humanity is gone. Now unstoppable as Death Force, he seeks revenge on the men who killed the woman he loved… and nothing stands in his way.

Hellchild04 cover C

Hellchild #4: Cat’s in the Cradle

Angelica finally has Hades to herself, and she has a millennia of aggression to work out. Meanwhile, Helsing and Marian are trapped with some fanged foes.


Mankind Will Face Extinction in July!

A new foray for the Philadelphia-based publisher, E.V.I.L. Heroes is the recounting of humankind being enslaved by Superheroes. Will mankind survive and remain strong enough to challenge their self-appointed masters? Or will we be pushed closer to extinction?


Death Force #1

Rick Murphy was a cop left for dead by criminals. He gets a second chance in exchange for his soul, but will this power let him have his revenge or consume him?


Wonderland 50 Sneak Preview

Journey back down the rabbit hole one last time! The finale issue of Wonderland is coming this August. Here is an exclusive …