GFT_18 Digital Cover

Grimm Fairy Tales: Vol. 2 #18

As a long hidden tribe of trolls living beneath New York City prepares to attack the humans who live above Skye and Samantha form an uneasy alliance with the Black Knight to try to stop them. Don’t miss Part 2 of 2 in the war against the trolls.

ROW01 Cover Digital

Revenge of Wonderland #1

The realm of madness is back with a brand new twisted tale of love, loss and vengeance!
It’s been a long time since Alice Liddle’s daughter, Calie, finally escaped the twisted world that her mother was pulled into many years before her. But the insanity of Wonderland has returned and this time around things are much more dangerous and horrifying than ever before.

PeekABoo_05 Cover B

Peek-A-Boo #5

Inside the maze of caves, the hikers attempt to located Debbie without attracting the attention of the predators. Debbie manages to escape her bonds and finds them first, but not without the entire lair alerted to the infiltration. The group attempts to flee as the horde of attackers descend – only one side is going to make it out alive.

GTOT_05_Vol4 Cover A

Grimm Tales of Terror: Vol. 4 #5

Hired to work in the kitchen of an upscale restaurant for the city’s elite, a young man is dragged into a world he’s barely ever glimpsed… in more ways than one!

Musketeers05 Cover Digital

The Musketeers #5

Merlin has disappeared into the timestream, and the Musketeers are the only ones who can stop his ultimate goal. Will they arrive in time to save the world, and the universe at large? One of the Musketeers pays the ultimate price!


Zenescope Announces Plans San Diego Comic Con

Leading independent comic book and graphic novel publisher, Zenescope Entertainment, has announced its plans for Comic-Con International: San Diego 2018 as the company celebrates its 10th year exhibiting at the largest comic book convention in North America.

GFT_Cosplay_2018 Cover Digital

Grimm Fairy Tales 2018: Cosplay Special Interview

This time around, we are doing our interview a little differently. Since the Grimm Fairy Tales: 2018 Cosplay special was a team effort, we had the chance to interview a few of the creators who took part in the issue for one collaborative interview.

RHTC06 Cover A

Robyn Hood: The Curse #6

A darkness falls over the billionaire’s mega-party and everyone who falls beneath its shadow will die! A nightmare god from the ancient past shows up in San Diego to judge every living soul. And the news is NOT good. Robyn and her bow may be the only thing that stands between civilization as we know and a world ruled by an angry deity with an appetite for human flesh. And Marian succeeds in freeing Sam from her curse. Or has she?

JasmineCK03 Cover B

Jasmine: Crown of Kings #3

In the dark and mysterious woods of Ireland, a battle for the third piece of the Crown of Kings is waged. Druids wielding arcane forces cause long buried truths to be revealed, while the tenuous alliance between Jasmine and Ali is called into question.