TBK01 Cover A

The Black Knight #1

A spin off of Grimm Fairy Tales, defense attorney Peyton Parks’ life is anything but normal or average. After being given the powers of The Black Knight from the Book of Fables, she has been riding the line of the legal system between attorney and vigilante. Now with her life finally slowing down some, a new threat has emerged from the shadows and Peyton may be the only one with the power to stop it.

GFT_21 Cover A

Grimm Fairy Tales #21

Stories of Camelot have been told on earth for ages. The Legend of King Arthur and Excalibur had long been considered nothing more than a fairy tale by most historians. But Camelot was once a real place and now the tales behind the legend will finally be revealed…and the truth of its history is much more a nightmare than a fairy tale.


Ripley’s Believe It or Not! #1

A 48-page anthology of some of the most phantasmagorical oddities in the Robert Ripley collection, written and illustrated by by an equally mind-blowing mix of comic book legends and rising stars.

ParadiseCourt03 Cover B

Paradise Court #3

How do you really know the person living next-door isn’t some kind of maniac serial killer? How do you know the neighbor across the street isn’t watching you and planning to do you harm? You never really can be too sure about the people living around you and as Amy Smith is learning, that’s truer in Paradise Court than maybe anywhere else in the world.

GFT_20 Cover A

Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 2 #20

As Merlin continues remaking Camelot in his image, the Black Knight may be regretting her decision to turn down his offer. Meanwhile, Skye takes a trip that may hold the answers to everything.

GTOT_07_Vol4_Cover B

Grimm Tales of Terror: Vol. 4 #7

Ever since the summer of 1983, where he spent his time playing the new game Polybius at his local arcade, Donnie has had a very successful life. Now years later, Donnie’s past is coming back to haunt him and this time a “game over” maybe more deadly than ever before.