Charmed: Season 10 #20

The Charmed Ones, Prue, and all of their loved ones gather in Salem for a reckoning. As Paige takes a stand for her family and Piper is faced with the consequences of her actions, a door closes on the past and hope dawns on a brand new future.


Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein #2

Liesel Van Helsing faces the devastating results of her last hunt… and now, she must stand up against a foe more horrific that she could’ve ever imagined. With her back against the wall and no one to help her, Helsing must use her wits if she wishes to survive her first encounter with Frankenstein!


Satan’s Hollow #6

Two decades ago, a girl saw the doorway to hell nearly open. Now a grown woman, they are nearly open again… But this time love and hope have abandoned her.


Grimm Tales of Terror: Vol. 2 #12

The Fairy Princess app – cute and totally harmless? One reporter suspects a connection between vanishing girls and an evil presence behind the screen.

GFTApocalypse01_cover C

Grimm Fairy Tales: Apocalypse #1

A year ago, Robyn Hood and Marian Quin imprisoned the Four Horsemen beneath NYC. Faced with their return, Robyn has a choice: sacrifice the world, or her soul.

GFT125 cover A

Grimm Fairy Tales #125

It’s the grand finale of Zenescope’s longest-running title! Sela, the students of Arcane Acre, and the Realm Knights enter the final battle against Bloody Bones!

DeathForce04_cover A

Death Force #4

Death Force is caught between two warring crime lords with thousands of lives at stake. To stop them, Death Force will have to sacrifice his only two friends.

GTOT 11_cover A

Grimm Tales of Terror: Vol. 2 #11

Travelers often tell tales of demonic hitchhikers. A man in desperate need of a ride may find himself in for more than he bargained for in this twisted tale.