SpiritHunters06_cover A

Spirit Hunters #6

Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D Harvey Tolibao | Grostieta Dan Leister | Ceci de la Cruz Alfredo Reyes | Ceci de la Cruz Anthony Spay | Jorge Cortes In this all-new horrifying tale, the Spirit Hunters investigate a gruesome mystery at a racetrack. As they delve deeper …

RH_ILNY_11 cover A

Robyn Hood: I Love NY #11

Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D Josh Burns Marc Rosete | Erick Arciniega Mike Krome | Ceci de la Cruz Abhishek Malsuni | Zsolt H. Garisa | Shashank Mishra Child of Darkness Revenge can be a cancer, eating at your soul. Alina Rose knows this all too well. …

Cinderella_SKP_04 Cover A

Cinderella: Serial Killer Princess #4

This is it! What the entire series has been building to. The final confrontation between Cinderella and Robyn Hood has arrived and only one will walk away from this battle alive.

Be sure to pick up this can’t miss finale to one of Zenescope’s most twisted stories, as the future of the Grimm Universe is up for grabs in this action packed, revenge driven, Cinderella-focused Fairy Tale massacre.

GTOT_04_Vol3_Cover A

Grimm Tales of Terror: Vol. 3 #4

A rash of horrifying clown appearances has a small community terrified. Are these appearances just a high school prank, or something far more sinister?

GFT_04 cover_A

Grimm Fairy Tales: Vol. 2 #4

In a town in South Carolina something evil stalks the night… The mystery of the Lizard Man is well known to the locals, and Skye comes to town to solve it.

EvilHeroes_6_cover A

E.V.I.L. Heroes #6

The end has come… The final battle between the New Gods and mankind has begun and Chaos is going to make sure not a single human survives his wrath.

RH_ILNY_10_cover A

Robyn Hood: I Love NY #10

NYC needs a guardian angel, and Robyn has unselfishly answered the call time and time again – but she’s starting to wonder if that’s what she really wants.

GTOT_03_Vol3_Cover A

Grimm Tales of Terror: Vol. 3 #3

Stories of Black Eyed Children have been told for scares many times over. But it’s hard to laugh when the black eyed children show up on your doorstep…

Cinderella_SKP_03 cover A

Cinderella: Serial Killer Princess #3

Cindy’s bloodlust for Robyn is building as her mission for the Order of the Tarot extends into the other realms. Is any place safe when she takes on Wonderland?

DOTD_02_cover A

Day of the Dead #2

Mary Medina finds herself at the center of a sinister mystery during Mardi Gras… who or what is taking women of New Orleans?