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Attention Charmed Fans!


Attention all of you Charmed fans out there! First of all, we wanted to thank you for supporting this series and we are continuing to look for new ways to make these comics available to you.


we are proud to announce that our Charmed series is now available on Newstand! That’s right, the iOS featured app now has 100% more Charmed. The series is being powered by Graphicly and will be a monthly subscription. You’ll be able to get all of your Charmed comics digitally on your iOS devices without even having to go looking for them.

Here the link!


Enjoy! Please let us know, how do you get your Charmed comics? Do you enjoy picking them up digitally? Or do you always make sure to pick up a physical copy?


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2 thoughts on “Attention Charmed Fans!

  1. Physical copies all the way for me – no interest in digital at all I’m afraid (except for the odd short freebie). The day comics go all digital is the day I stop collecting new comics.

  2. i prefer a physical copy, but to be honest i have to drive 40 minutes to the only store that carries them (or at least at the time the series came out) and the inconsistent release dates make picking up the product a little tougher.  it would be more convenient to get the story digitally so i can get the issue quicker, but $2 an issue is too much when i’m gonna spend another $3.50 on the physical copy and probably get the trade paperback too.  i am glad digital formats are becoming available.  i would much prefer to see a release schedule and timely product on the shelf moreso though.  THANKS :-)

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