Literally Breaking News: Fowls Get Revenge for Thanksgiving


January 31, 2012

Horsham, PA

Superbowl Sunday has not only been the largest sporting event in America, but is well-named, as it is also one of the largest days of food consumption in the states. The second largest day of heavy consumption in fact. Of course, the only day that surpasses the super bowl in heavy food consumption is, in fact, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time when many, many families choose to serve turkey as the main course. For a turkey, Thanksgiving is a terrible day for its population. Now, turkeys, even after their last breath, have found a way to strike back at us on football Sundays…

Want to see the tragic end to this fowl tale? Head to the web store and purchase a copy of 1000 Ways to Die: The Graphic Novel.  It will be available for purchase 2/8/2012.

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