SALE ALERT: Wonderland books on Sale

In celebration of the upcoming release of Alice#1, Zenescope Entertainment will be running a sale on all previous Wonderland releases on our web site! The sale will begin on Wednesday, January 18th and continue until the end of the month. To purchase these comics, head to Many of our fans were excited to hear about the Wonderland digital sale but wanted it available in print. Here’s your chance!


2012 Zenescope Calendar =                                          only $10! 

Wonderland trade paperbacks =                                 $10 each!

Escape from Wonderland hardcover =                        only $15!

Wonderland Zenescope Exclusive cover issues =       $10 each!

Single back issues =                                             only $1 each!        

The books are going to be on sale starting Wednesday, January 18th and will last until the end of the month. We are, of course, featuring the Wonderland series to celebrate the upcoming release of Alice #1.

Oh my!

We’re also proud to announce, officially, that Alice #1 will be in stores Wednesday, January 25th. If you’re not ordering it through our site, make sure to pick it up in your local comic book store. Alice #1 has the potential to the most successful comic Zenescope has ever released.


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  1. Great sale!  The amount I save will make up for the shipping.  Will definitely take advantage of this!

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