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This Week in Releases: January 11


Happy Comic Book Day!


Yet another great day for all of us comic lovers. Wednesdays used to just be another weekday for me until I joined Zenescope. Now, it’s a weekly unveiling of comic book awesomeness. It is a significant improvement to say the least. So, what to we have in store for you this week? Well, when it comes to what’s available in stores, we don’t have any new releases. I did, however, want to make sure to remind you of some recent released Zenescope exclusives.

 Salem’s Daughter: The Haunting #4 Cover C

Here is a very nice, western themed, cover done by Eric Basaldua (Ebas) . The cover is limited to 500 copies and is $14.99. You can order it from our online store. 



  The Theater #4 Cover C

The Theater also got an exclusive cover, this one of a sexy lady about to have an unexpected visitor at an inopportune time. The cover is done by Ale Garza and Nei Ruffino. The cover is limited to 500 copies and is $14.99. You can order it from our online store. 

Otherwise, no new releases for this week. We do, however, have a ver



  • Grimm Fairy Tales #56
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #57
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Dream Eater Saga #4
  • Salem’s Daughter The Haunting #3
  • The Theater #3
Check Graphicly  and iVerse for what is now available on their digital store fronts as well.
Enjoy reading what’s new and remember to keep an eye here for what’s coming out soon as we do have some very exciting new releases coming in the next few weeks…



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