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This Week in Releases: January 4

Happy New Year Everyone!

It is 2012. That, for me is hard to believe. 2012 is actually an important year for a number of reasons (not including the Aztec calender thing).

Why? here is a short list:

  • 2012 is a leap year (An upcoming Happy Birthday for all you Febuary 29thers out there.)
  • 2012 is an Olympic year (and there in London)
  • In 2012, ¬†we will elect a president
  • The 90’s were 13 years ago (how time flies)

Anyways, Happy Comic Book Day! We have a handful of new releases to hit stores today. Here’s what you can find on store shelves or on our online store:

  • Salem’s Daughter The Haunting #4
  • Myths and Legends #11
  • Charmed #17
  • The Theater #4



  • Charmed #17
  • Dream Eater Saga #3 (Myths and Legends Crossover)
  • Grimm Fairy Tales # 54
  • Grimm Fairy Tales # 55
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Sinbad #2

Also , Don’t forget to pick up the Wonderland series, now on sale on ComiXology for $0.99 each. But Hurry! The sale ends tomorrow!


  • coming soon…


  • coming soon…

So there you have it. We have quite the year ahead of us and are looking forward to the adventure. We hope you pick up what’s available and please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. Our new year’s resolution is to stay better connected to our audience and this blog is just one of the many ways to stay in touch with you guys. You can also Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.

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