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Literally Breaking News: Costumed Crime Combatant Catastrophe

February 7, 2012


Horsham, PA

What was once a way for children to be entertained has become a coping mechanism for a geeky teen looking to be respected. Local reports have been coming in of a wirey, masked youth, roaming the streets in town and barking orders and would-be mild miscreants. He has been constantly reciting well-known laws to those that seem to be bending them. There has been an improvement in traffic patterns under his watch, and the sidewalks seem to be a little less gummy. Unfortunately for the misguided, masked male, real criminals do not appreciate being barked at. The masked man picked up the scent of cannabis coming from the rooftops above and sprung into action. He headed up to confront the potheads but he what he didn’t expect, was his upcoming descent.






















Want to see what be-fell this caped crusader? Head to the web store and purchase a copy of 1000 Ways to Die: The Graphic Novel.  It is available now!

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