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Zenescoop Previews: Alice in Wonderland #2


Zenescoop Previews is back and we have a real treat for you. Alice #1 sold out on release day (though it’s still available on Comixology and the Zenescope app), and is the fastest selling title in Zenescope’s history. We wanted to thank our fans for picking up the book, and we certainly hope you enjoyed it. Now it’s time to preview the next issue in the series.

1,000 Ways to Die released this week, as well as a number of other strong issues from our Grimm Myths and Legends and Grimm Fairy Tales series. We’ll certainly preview the interiors of those as well. The upcoming release of Alice is what we’re focusing on today.

Without further ado, Alice #2 :

Stjepan Sejic gave us the cover to Alice #2, and what a cover it is. I’m just amazed by how bright the fungus seems to be. The gals look fantastic too, but that goes without say. It is a great cover. Now, onto the interiors…

That’s pages 4, 5, 9 and now, the completed the two page spread that we saw the pencils of last week…

Very nice!

Jason Embury did a great job on the coloring in this issue. Robert Gill’s layouts and pencils are very just as solid as ever. These two have teamed up well to bring the fans another quality issue of Alice. The previews will keep on coming, so make sure to continue to check the blog continuously. Also, don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below. The more you talk, the more we listen.


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10 thoughts on “Zenescoop Previews: Alice in Wonderland #2

  1. You guys really need to get back Grimm Fairy Tales to it’s roots. I mean compare issue 12 or let’s say 37…with the last 20 issues. The artwork is very poor, the covers are very bad and the storyline is…. boring.
    I don’t know who is writing these stories lately, but i already skipped the last 5 issues. I do understand that the series needed a change , but this change is not a  smart one.
    What is next ? Alice in the Myst vs the Pied Piper ? Or maybe Sinbad vs Sella ? C;mon, Zenescope you can do better than this. Only a sad Zenescope fan and an old costumer.

    1. thanks for your feedback. There are some upcoming story arcs we really think the old and new fans are going to love. 

  2. I had the same thought as 2AndrewStewart2 about the original grimm being so original. The comic was very Twilight Zone which fit in with Sela and the Book. Now, i feel like im reading Lord of the Rings, and everything is far too medieval to grasp. On the plus side, Myths & Legends is a great expansion on the Aftermath of Sela’s decision on previous people she tried to help. While it’s nice to make changes, Sela is Grimm Fairy Tales, and our favorite sexy but modest Professor who has the heart of gold. She is not Xena Warrior princess in a land full of make believe.

    1. Glad you’ve checked out Myths and Legends. That is a new spin we brought to the series that has been well received. We’re leading up to some new arcs in Grimm we except many will enjoy. 

  3. I really really liked the first Alice, I was able to pick up the last copy in my local comic store, but will you be letting us know a release date for the next issue, also the art is amazing. I feel like I finally found a new series to enjoy since the old series the tenth.

  4. I completely agree with 2AndrewStewart2. Honestly I have not bought a Grimm Fairy Tales issue in a very long time. Currently I am reading Alice in Wonderland only because I fell in love with the “wonderland series” and wanted to see how Zenescope would continue the series; so far I am loving it. As for Grimms, I agree it’s not as good as it used to be, I have all in the series up to I think 50, I honestly don’t remember where I stopped. As long as Zenescope continues the good work I will remain faithful to the comics I love. Just hope that Grimm Fairy Tales go back to a better direction. Still love the work everyone does even if I don’t enjoy a certain series anymore.

  5. The story line is OK by me in so far as Alice in Wonderland I just love the artwork I have all the covers for issue #1 and am currently getting all the covers for issue #2
    People collect comics for 1 of 2 reasons the stories or the great artwork.
    I collect some to read cause of the great stories and most of Zenescope (cause I didn’t start collecting till late last year) I collect for the great covers and of course the best comes from EBAS absolutely love his work and EBAS’s Alice is my favorite.
    Dont really know why I’m writing this just felt like it I suppose, anyway had my say see ya all at the Zenescope stall in July at SD Comic Con where I hope there will be lots of goodies   

  6. I’m reading these responces and I guess as a newer reader I was introduced to it differently. I still haven’t read very many of the Grimm Fairy Tales (I adore Charmed, Salem’s Daughter, Sinbad, Neverland, and Wonderland in that order), but from what I have read I prefer the newer issues to the older. I do like most of the older issues I have read although The Robber Bride creeps me out a little too much. I have a lot of issues at home that I am slowly going through and getting more and more into the Grimm Universe. You guys write some fascinating stories.

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