Grimm Universe March Madness FINAL FOUR


All the votes are in and it’s time for the results! Thank you for all of your votes! This Round had the closest contested matches! You seem to have been enjoying the voting and we are seeing a lot of people get involved.  We love it! So, here’s the results!

Check it out:

Match #1 Winner = Calie Liddle beat Tinker Belle

Match #2 Winner = Death beat Dream Eater!

Match #3 Winner = Alice Liddle beat Sela Mathers

Match #4 Winner = Cheshire Cat beat Tiger Lily







We’ll update the bracket and the next round of matches will run THIS WEEKEND!!!  Voting will begin right away!

Thank you for voting and we’re really happy to see so much activity on this event. Our fans rock.

We have made a few updates to the Kickstarter ( . If you haven’t yet donated, you certainly should! Keep the support coming and we will keep adding awesome rewards.



Grimm Universe March Madness Round 2 Results

That’s where the brackets were starting this week, but all the votes are in and it’s time for the results! Thank you for all of your votes! Most of them were pretty one-sided, but the strongest prevails! You seem to have been enjoying the voting and we are seeing a lot of people get involved.  We love it! So, here’s the results!


Check it out:

Match #1 Winner = Calie Liddle beat Cindy

Match #2 Winner = Tinker Belle beat Red Riding Hood

Match #3 Winner = Dream Eater beat Baba Yaga

Match #4 Winner = Death beat Jabberwocky

Match #5 Winner = Sela Mathers beat Anna Williams

Match #6 Winner = Alice Liddle beat Queen of Hearts

Match #7 Winner = Tiger Lily beat Dark One

Match #8 Winner = Cheshire Cat beat Sea Witch


The Elite 8 has been set!


We’ll update the bracket and the next round of matches will start on Monday. Thank you for voting and we’re really happy to see so much activity on this event. Our fans rock. We teased about our major announcement last week, which was, of course, the Kickstarter ( . Keep the support coming and we will keep adding awesome rewards.



This Week in Releases: March 21

Miss me? I’m sure you haven’t if you’ve been following all the other news coming out of our offices lately. I mean, with the Wonderland on-going series being announced, the Kickstarter  ( project launching and taking some time to run our own Grimm Universe March Madness , we’re busy. Sometimes too busy to blog, but we didn’t want to miss this…

This week marks the release of some awesome issues. Alice #3, Grimm Fairy Tales #69, Jungle Book #1 are now available.! Make sure to head to your store quickly to get your hands on these issues.

Print Releases

The Jungle Book Emerald City ComiCon Exclusive

You can find these books in your local comic book stores or on our web store, (And through March, use the coupon code MARCHMADNESS for 25% off everything on our web store.)

  • Alice in Wonderland #3
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #69
  • The Jungle Book #1


We really appreciate everyone who is picking up our comics digitally. I find it to be a great way to have your comic collection on the go. If you haven’t yet, make sure to download the Zenescope App on your iOS devices. If you can’t find Alice #3  in stores, it is very easy to pick her up on the digital storefront.


Available this week:

  • Alice #3 (Same date as print)
  • Jungle Book #1 (Same date as print)
  • Grimm Myths and Legends #9
  • The Dream Eater Saga #12
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #66
Graphicly and iVerse also have some new digital releases this week so check them out as well.

So there you have it. We have quite the year ahead of us and are looking forward to the adventure. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. The blog is just one of the many ways to stay in touch with you and for you to let us know what you think. You can also Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.




Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans to publish an ongoing Wonderland comic book series. The new ongoing series is scheduled for a July 2012 release with issue #1 set to debut at Comic Con International in San Diego. The series is being developed by Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, the same creative team behind Zenescope’s hit mini-series such as Return to Wonderland and  Alice in Wonderland.

The Wonderland on-going series will tell the story of Alice’s now adult daughter, Calie Liddle and Calie’s teenage daughter, Violet, as they attempt to lead a normal life after the horrific events of their past.  However, Calie knows all too well that there is no such thing as a normal life once Wonderland has you.  And the realm of insanity will be coming for her and her daughter soon enough.

Zenescope will also be releasing a four issue mini-series starting in May entitled Call of Wonderland which will lead into the Wonderland on-going series and will serve as both a re-introduction to the Wonderland realm and as a jumping-on point for new readers.

“We realized that fans want more and more of this universe so creating an ongoing series following the life of a fan-favorite character like Calie made perfect sense.” said Zenescope Editor-in-chief Ralph Tedesco “The important thing was to also come up with a story that invites new readers who are looking to dive into our version of Wonderland and that’s what Call of Wonderland will provide.  This allows us to appease both hardcore fans and newcomers alike.”

Call of Wonderland will be written by Dan Wickline with the first issue now available for pre-order in the March edition of Previews.  The Wonderland ongoing will be written by Raven Gregory with issue 1 featuring cover art by superstar artist J. Scott Campbell, Greg Horn and Eric Basaldua. You can pre-order Wonderland #1 in Diamond’s May Previews.

About Zenescope Entertainment:

Zenescope Entertainment was founded by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco in 2005 and has quickly grown into one of the top comic book and graphic novel publishing companies in the world.  Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales and subsequent spinoff series such as Escape From Wonderland, Neverland and The Piper, which put a dark twist on classic fables, are some of the best-selling and longest running original independent comic books on shelves today.   Zenescope’s licensed titles include the on-going, critically acclaimed Charmed series, based off of the long-running popular television series, as well as Se7en and Final Destination, based off of New Line Cinema’s successful film franchises.



In celebration of Comic Book Day, we decided to turn our attention directly to the fans. The fans have been asking for an opportunity to “add what they want” to their pledge rewards, so here you go!!!

  • $109 – (New Reward) Premium Rewards plus any additional GFT TPB Signed. Add $10 to any package and have another GFT TPB Signed
  • $350 – (New Reward) Everything at the $300 Sela Action Figure level plus the Grimmies
  • $100 or more Current Pledges – Add $50 and get the Grimmies added to your package.
  • $250 or more Current Pledges – Add $75 and get the Sela action figure added to your package.

We’ve reached 20% and we’re still going strong! We really appreciate all of the support we’ve received so far. You have all gotten us of to a great start. Now, we have some amazing art to reveal! The extremely talented cover artist GREG HORN (has done work for Marvel, DC, IMAGE and others) has just completed the cover for the Kickstarter-Exclusive, Limited to 100, Grimm Fairy Tales #75!!! Check it out!

Now, how do you get your hands on this awesome cover? Well, it’s available only through Kickstarter and will not be sold anywhere else.

It is available at these pledge levels:

  • Grimm Fairy Tales Exclusive #3 ($225) – Only 62 remaining (to get a copy of this w/ the animated series)
  • Exclusive Bundle Pack ($325) – Only 20 remaining (Get 1 of each exclusive)
  • Gimme More Pack ($1000) – Only 15 remaining (great for retailers!)

Check the pledge levels to see what else is included in these bundles, because this is just one of the awesome rewards! Remember, that if this Kickstarter does not get funded, this cover won’t be available at all! (Oh No!). So, make sure to spread the word and let’s get this project funded!


For those of you that may have missed some of the recent updates, we have added a few very limited quantity rewards at the $350 and $1000 pledge levels. They are live on the page now.

We also wanted to feature one of the Kickstarter-exclusive rewards and so we decided to unveil the design for the Sela action figure!

Isn’t it beautiful? Our friend Clay Moore (of C.S Moore Studios) will be sculpting this action figure. He has recently completed sculpting our first line of action figures and they came out great! Here’s a side by side comparison of the concept art as well as an example of one of his finished projects.

This limited edition action figure is only available through this Kickstarter campaign and can be yours at the $300 pledge level. You will also get the Collector’s Edition Package at this pledge level. We’re offering some of the coolest collectibles we’ve ever produced in this campaign because we really want to make this series a reality.

Please, continue to spread the word about this exciting project and get as many people as you can to contribute. There are a wide range of rewards for pledges, and all the support is going towards an amazing product.

The Gimme More Bundle!!!

Pledge $1,000 or More — Limited to 20

10 copies of GFT #75 LE Kickstarter Book
1 copy of GFT 75 LE 100
5 Copies of GFT M&L #18 LE 250 Kickstarter Book
3 Copies of GFT Vol. 1 TPB Kickstarter Edition
2 LE Prints
5 Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Combo Packs
1 Copy of Metal Box Edition Blu Ray/DVD Combo Pack
4 LE Sela Mathers/Snow White Action Figures
5 LE Key Chains
10 Blank Sketch Copies of GFT #75
5 LE Sela & Red Riding Hood Grimmies 2-Packs
4 GFT Shot Glass Sets 5 Secret Exclusives1 Mixed Box of GFT Single issues (Qty 200)It will be limited to only 20 due to all the LE content included, so act fast!

Again, we really appreciate the support that we have been receiving. Keep checking back for more news about the project, cool rewards, and don’t forget to spread the word!

We are very happy to see this project being supported so well right out of the gate!  10% in three days is quite a feat! Thank you very much. Keep spreading the word about this exciting project. We have some amazing fans and we really believe you can help us make this project a reality.

So, we have a very exciting bit of news to announce today. For this project,ComiXology will be the official supplier of all of the digital copies of our comic books!!! So, every reward that mentions a digital copy of a comic or volume of comics, you will be getting that copy via ComiXology. Check out our store front on the ComiXology website: . If you have never used ComiXology or read a Zenescope comic before, head over to their site and check out some of the free Zenescope comics that are available now. Or, simply download the Zenescope App (powered by ComiXology).

We are aiming to give quality content to everyone that is pledging to this Kickstarter campaign, and partnering with ComiXology will help us do just that. The partnership with ComiXology will also be bringing a new pledge reward: The Digital Demi-God Collection! This will include a digital copy of every comic we have released and all the comics we publish digitally until the end of this year (roughly 200 comics!!!). This will be offered at a pledge level of $350 and will be limited to only 10 pledges. We’ll be including the Collector’s Edition Package in this reward.


Zenescope Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series Kickstarter campaign. The animated series will be directed by Jon Schnepp as well as the Titmouse Inc. animation studio. The Kickstarter will launch on Friday, March 16, 2012 and will run until May 1st, 2012.

The project requires a budget of $175,000 to cover the cost of the pilot episode and to produce the foundation materials necessary to continue the series. Any additional funds will go towards adding additional episodes to the series.

Zenescope Entertainment President Joe Brusha had this to say:

“We believe that our Grimm Fairy Tales comic book series would make an excellent animated series, and we’ve been pitching the idea to the Hollywood big-wigs for years. They’ve said “There is too much Fairy Tales stuff out there”, or “No one wants to see a gritty, dark, modern take on the fairy tales.” That’s where they’re wrong. We have tons of devoted fans that would love to see more of our series, and that is our chance and yours to make it happen.”

Grimm Fairy Tales has been the flagship series of Zenescope Entertainment since the company started. Zenescope has grown to a top comic book publisher due to its continued success. Grimm Fairy Tales is currently the longest running independent color comic being published today and has over 1 million copies in print.

Jon Schnepp will be directing this project. He is one of the hottest animation directors inHollywood, having already seen a great deal of success working on such series as Aqua Teen Hunger Force , Metalocalypse, and the Venture Brothers. Not only will Jon be working closely with the creators of the comic book, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco; Zenescope will be enlisting Titmouse Inc, one of the premiere animation studios, to help with this vision.

Titmouse Inc is a premiere animation studio with top-tier talent and experience. Jon Schnepp has worked with them before on many of his projects, and much of their work rounds out the Adult Swim animation block on Cartoon Network. Their variety of experience is suited well for the Grimm Fairy Tales animation series anthology.

Now head over to the Kickstarter page and give as much as you can. The more you give, the more you get!!!

About Kickstarter

Kickstarter aims to let creative people of all kinds — journalists, artists, musicians, game developers, entrepreneurs, bloggers — raise money for their projects by connecting directly with fans, who receive exclusive access and rewards in exchange for their patronage. More than just a fundraising app, Kickstarter’s a publishing platform where project creators can communicate with the people that are supporting them.

Grimm Universe March Madness: Week 1 Results


Here are the week 1 results of the Grimm Universe March Madness!!! Thank you for all of your votes! There were a few big surprises.

Check it out:

Match #1 Winner = Calie Liddle beat Beast

Match #2 Winner = Cindy beat Sinbad

Match #3 Winner = Tinker Belle beat Queen of Spades

Match #4 Winner = Red Riding Hood beat Mad Hatter! (upset)

Match #5 Winner = Jabberwocky beat Little Mermaid

Match #6 Winner = Death beat Mercy Dante

Match #7 Winner = Baba Yaga beat the Red Knight

Match #8 Winner = Dream Eater beat Krampus

Match #9 Winner = Sela Mathers beat Jack the Giant Killer

Match #10 Winner = Anna Williams beat Piper

Match #11 Winner = Alice beat Belinda

Match #12 Winner = Queen of Hearts beat Goblin Queen

Match #13 Winner = Dark One beat Prince Erik

Match #14 Winner = Tiger Lilly beat Pan

Match #15 Winner = Cheshire Cat beat Nathan Cross

Match #16 Winner = Sea Witch beat Samantha


We’ll update the bracket and the next round of matches will start on Monday. Thank you for voting and we’re really happy to see so much activity on this event. Our fans rock. We can’t wait to reveal out big announcement later today. Stay tuned!!!


Zenescoop Previews: Jungle Book #1

Zenescoop Previews returns with a look and the highly anticipated Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Jungle Book #1. The first issue of any series is exciting, but this is also the debut of writer Mark L. Miller to the Zenescope team.  We’re excited to have him on board working on this title. So, let’s see what we got…

This cover is done by the talented Ale Garza, and the full length spread will be available for $9.99, or can be bought by collecting covers A,B,C and D. Pictured above is cover B. It is the profile image on our Facebook page right now (3-14-2012) if you’d like to see it.

And now, on to the interiors…

This is a two page spread on pages 6 and 7.  I used to think I could draw pretty well, but animals were so difficult for me. Seeing these pages makes me certain that Carlos Granda is very talented. I mean, bravo (claps).

Here are pages 17 and 19 as well, which were also handled by the Carlos Granda. The forests look so lush and the animals so exotic. We’re very excited for our fans to get their hands on this book, and it will be out in stores on 3-21-2012. Look for it on our web store and our local comic book shops.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below. We always love to get feedback from our fans.

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Grimm Universe March Madness



Hello fans and newcomers alike!

Welcome to the first ever Grimm Universe March Madness!

We here at Zenescope wanted to get into the spirit of March Madness in our own way, and we thought it would be fun to see who you think would win going head to head. Last year we launched our first ever cross-over event, The Dream Eater Saga (volume 1 is available now, and volume 2 is coming out 3/14/2012!), which was very successful and brought our series together in a unique way. So, we thought it would be fun to bring our characters together again, but this time, you decide who wins the face-offs.

So, how do you get involved? Simple!

Just LIKE us on Facebook and vote in each round. Pick your favorites and let the community know who you’re rooting for. Share your thoughts about why you think your picked would win.

LIKE the matches that you’re interested in seeing who wins. SHARE the matches with your friends and let them get in on the fun.

Fridays will be the wrap up of each round with the results on who won and who’s out! We’ll feature some of our favorite match-ups, and even feature some of our favorite”smack talk” from you, the fans!


 Week 1: March 12-16

16  matches, 4 per day with Friday results and wrap up.

Week 2: March 19-23

8 matches, 2 per day with Friday results and wrap up.

Week 3: March 26 – 30

4 matches, 1 per day with Friday results, wrap up and the setup for the Final Four!

FINAL FOUR WEEKEND!!! March 31 – April 1st

Final Four will commence over the weekend, with all the votes being tallied for a reveal of the final match on Monday, April 2nd.


The final match will be announced April 2nd and votes will be tallied the end of the day on April 3rd.


Winner Announced – April 4th.


For our fans, we would also like to do a surprise giveaway. We are not going to announce what we’ll be giving away, but we will tell you how to to be eligible.

1. Like Us on Facebook, Share the matches and vote for your favorites.


2. If you’d like, you can print out the bracket (above) and fill it out. Then, send it back to us by emailing it to me ( Save it as an image or simply use a simplified bracket (they are all over the internet) and fill it in. The person with the bracket that has the most correct will win a prize as well!


We can’t wait to see who wins!!! Who do you want to win?

Zenescoop Previews: Charmed 19


Charmed fans have been vocal about their appreciation for our comic book and we are glad to bring them another excellent issue. Charmed has continued to have strong writing and beautiful covers, thanks to writer Paul Ruditis, and cover artist David Seidman. The interior artwork is now being handled by Tess Fowler, who does an excellent job on this issue. Now, the cover of issue #19:

David Seidman did a great job with this cover. Very LA Noir-esque. Without further ado, here are some interior pages  of Charmed #19.





















Well, we’re sure you’re excited to see more from this book, and it will be available digitally and on store shelves next week. Make sure you Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter to get your Zenescope fix.  We look forward to connecting with you and we hope you enjoy our comics.

Zenescoop Previews: Sinbad Crossover #3

Zenescoop Previews is here and we are taking a look at Sinbad. Sinbad made a long-awaited return to our comics in special crossover in 2011. Here’s issue three of the Grimm Fairy Tales Sinbad Crossover in anticipation of the trade paperback. The trade will be available in stores this March. Many Zenescope fans have been waiting for another adventure featuring Sinbad and this was a good one. These previews are an important opportunity for us to be able to give something back to our fans and that is why we do them. Here’s a look at the cover…


Alfredo Reyes did the pencils for this cover and Ivan Nunes colored it. Solid work by both of these talented artists. Now, let’s take a look inside the book…























These are pages 4-9 of the issue and there is a hell of a lot of action happening here! Shemus Beyale, Sheldon Goh, and colorist Jeremey Colwell handle the scenes beautifully. Sinbad is just as thrilling and captivating as always. Grimm Fairy Tales Sinbad crossover part 3 is available now in stores and on our web store:

We’re glad we are able to bring you these inside looks and we hope you’re enjoying them. A special thanks to our graphic designer Christopher Cote for  all the hard work he puts in to get these images ready for previews. He may not be the artist, but he is the one that is helping make these previews possible.


So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below. We always love to get feedback from our fans.

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