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Grimm Universe March Madness: Week 1 Results


Here are the week 1 results of the Grimm Universe March Madness!!! Thank you for all of your votes! There were a few big surprises.

Check it out:

Match #1 Winner = Calie Liddle beat Beast

Match #2 Winner = Cindy beat Sinbad

Match #3 Winner = Tinker Belle beat Queen of Spades

Match #4 Winner = Red Riding Hood beat Mad Hatter! (upset)

Match #5 Winner = Jabberwocky beat Little Mermaid

Match #6 Winner = Death beat Mercy Dante

Match #7 Winner = Baba Yaga beat the Red Knight

Match #8 Winner = Dream Eater beat Krampus

Match #9 Winner = Sela Mathers beat Jack the Giant Killer

Match #10 Winner = Anna Williams beat Piper

Match #11 Winner = Alice beat Belinda

Match #12 Winner = Queen of Hearts beat Goblin Queen

Match #13 Winner = Dark One beat Prince Erik

Match #14 Winner = Tiger Lilly beat Pan

Match #15 Winner = Cheshire Cat beat Nathan Cross

Match #16 Winner = Sea Witch beat Samantha


We’ll update the bracket and the next round of matches will start on Monday. Thank you for voting and we’re really happy to see so much activity on this event. Our fans rock. We can’t wait to reveal out big announcement later today. Stay tuned!!!


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