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Grimm Universe March Madness



Hello fans and newcomers alike!

Welcome to the first ever Grimm Universe March Madness!

We here at Zenescope wanted to get into the spirit of March Madness in our own way, and we thought it would be fun to see who you think would win going head to head. Last year we launched our first ever cross-over event, The Dream Eater Saga (volume 1 is available now, and volume 2 is coming out 3/14/2012!), which was very successful and brought our series together in a unique way. So, we thought it would be fun to bring our characters together again, but this time, you decide who wins the face-offs.

So, how do you get involved? Simple!

Just LIKE us on Facebook and vote in each round. Pick your favorites and let the community know who you’re rooting for. Share your thoughts about why you think your picked would win.

LIKE the matches that you’re interested in seeing who wins. SHARE the matches with your friends and let them get in on the fun.

Fridays will be the wrap up of each round with the results on who won and who’s out! We’ll feature some of our favorite match-ups, and even feature some of our favorite”smack talk” from you, the fans!


 Week 1: March 12-16

16  matches, 4 per day with Friday results and wrap up.

Week 2: March 19-23

8 matches, 2 per day with Friday results and wrap up.

Week 3: March 26 – 30

4 matches, 1 per day with Friday results, wrap up and the setup for the Final Four!

FINAL FOUR WEEKEND!!! March 31 – April 1st

Final Four will commence over the weekend, with all the votes being tallied for a reveal of the final match on Monday, April 2nd.


The final match will be announced April 2nd and votes will be tallied the end of the day on April 3rd.


Winner Announced – April 4th.


For our fans, we would also like to do a surprise giveaway. We are not going to announce what we’ll be giving away, but we will tell you how to to be eligible.

1. Like Us on Facebook, Share the matches and vote for your favorites.


2. If you’d like, you can print out the bracket (above) and fill it out. Then, send it back to us by emailing it to me ( Save it as an image or simply use a simplified bracket (they are all over the internet) and fill it in. The person with the bracket that has the most correct will win a prize as well!


We can’t wait to see who wins!!! Who do you want to win?

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