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This Week in Releases: March 21

Miss me? I’m sure you haven’t if you’ve been following all the other news coming out of our offices lately. I mean, with the Wonderland on-going series being announced, the Kickstarter  ( project launching and taking some time to run our own Grimm Universe March Madness , we’re busy. Sometimes too busy to blog, but we didn’t want to miss this…

This week marks the release of some awesome issues. Alice #3, Grimm Fairy Tales #69, Jungle Book #1 are now available.! Make sure to head to your store quickly to get your hands on these issues.

Print Releases

The Jungle Book Emerald City ComiCon Exclusive

You can find these books in your local comic book stores or on our web store, (And through March, use the coupon code MARCHMADNESS for 25% off everything on our web store.)

  • Alice in Wonderland #3
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #69
  • The Jungle Book #1


We really appreciate everyone who is picking up our comics digitally. I find it to be a great way to have your comic collection on the go. If you haven’t yet, make sure to download the Zenescope App on your iOS devices. If you can’t find Alice #3  in stores, it is very easy to pick her up on the digital storefront.


Available this week:

  • Alice #3 (Same date as print)
  • Jungle Book #1 (Same date as print)
  • Grimm Myths and Legends #9
  • The Dream Eater Saga #12
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #66
Graphicly and iVerse also have some new digital releases this week so check them out as well.

So there you have it. We have quite the year ahead of us and are looking forward to the adventure. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. The blog is just one of the many ways to stay in touch with you and for you to let us know what you think. You can also Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.


One thought on “This Week in Releases: March 21

  1. I am very angry. Monthly i am buying stuff from your website. I never get emails to notify me about stuff that is coming out. Example, why i am angry.
    Grimm Fairy Tales # 68. When it came out , i bought the regular cover that you guys had it here. Now i’m looking at the same issue and i see also the St Patty’s versions, one of them sold out. I did really wanted that cover, it goes over 100 dollars on ebay. I am not going to spend that amount on a damn comic book. You guys give the opportunities to some people to make a lot of money out of your books and our money, while the real costumers don’t get an email.
    And why those covers were not available right away on your own website ? 

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