Zenescoop Previews: Charmed 19


Charmed fans have been vocal about their appreciation for our comic book and we are glad to bring them another excellent issue. Charmed has continued to have strong writing and beautiful covers, thanks to writer Paul Ruditis, and cover artist David Seidman. The interior artwork is now being handled by Tess Fowler, who does an excellent job on this issue. Now, the cover of issue #19:

David Seidman did a great job with this cover. Very LA Noir-esque. Without further ado, here are some interior pages  of Charmed #19.





















Well, we’re sure you’re excited to see more from this book, and it will be available digitally and on store shelves next week. Make sure you Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter to get your Zenescope fix.  We look forward to connecting with you and we hope you enjoy our comics.

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