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Emerald City ComiCon Fix!


Dear Zenescope fans,

For those of you that attended ECCC in the hopes of picking up a copy of our exclusives at the show, you may have been unable to due to a shipping error. We were sad to hear about this situation,  so we wanted to remedy it. We have some good news for you. We are going to be offering all of the Emerald City ComiCon exclusives to you first.

Here are the exclusives we planned to have available at ECCC…

Alice #4


Greg Horn – $15 –

The Waking Dreams End #1

the waking dreams end cover D

Eric Basaldua – $30 – 

Email us at to place an order and we’ll get you all set up. We’re going to have to limit the orders to 2 copies of each cover per customer.  We apologize for the inconvenience due to this shipping error at ECCC and we hope everyone that took the time to stop by the booth can get what they were looking for.

We here at Zenescope love our fans and we know we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Thank you for supporting us and we hope to see you continue to enjoy our comics.


8 thoughts on “Emerald City ComiCon Fix!

  1. What about those who did not attend but would still like to purchase a copy of the books, when will they be available?

  2. I also sent an email yesterday and received no response. I was at Emerald City on Friday looking for these books. I wanted the Alice In Wonderland #4C and #4D. Why is the #4D not shown anymore on the website? Is it going to be available at C2E2?

    1. I can tell you why it was removed and can also say you won’t
      be able to get a hold of any of these books. I’ve kept an eye on this site so
      much that I see every little change they make and when they make it so I can
      get a book myself. What I have noticed is it appears they sell out all their
      copies to other companies and possibly owned by them, then they are resold for
      over triple the price. It’s all about money and controlling the market for
      these to make them seem scarce.  Go look
      at eBay and you will see it’s like 2 sellers that have all of them. It really
      sucks for us true fans.

      1. So true, was at a convention this weekend and there was one guy who had every cool cover you ever dreamed of having. I would easily pay zenescope 15/30/50 what ever was considered their msrp, but this guy was selling these covers for 100% of highest price 9.8s sell for on eBay. They definitely have to make all covers either available ONLY at the event, OR some of each say 100 copies minimum on their website with limited purchase ability. I would love to have a spank me Fly, but 250 bucks for a raw book is too much.

        1. Exactly and yeah that’s way to much. We are on the same page my friend. Now if we can get Zenescope on there with us.

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