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Grimm Universe March Madness

Well, Grimm Universe March Madness was an exciting new tournament for us and it was very well received.  We just wanted to thank all of our fans for their participation in the voting and we hope you had fun.

And now, the winner of Grimm Universe March Madness is…



She even had to beat her own mother for the title, but she pulled it off. It’s great to see so much support behind the Wonderland series, especially seeing as how Alice is currently being published. Call of Wonderland is on its way next and then, what we’ve all been waiting for, the Wonderland ongoing begins this summer!

We’re pumped and we hope you are too!

Let us know what you thought of the tournament in the comments below. Did your favorite win? If not, who were you rooting for?

Would you like to see more Facebook events like this?

We felt this was a great opportunity to give fans of our comics a chance to be heard while also bringing our characters into the forefront.  Thanks again for supporting it.

Speaking of support – don’t forget to pledge to the Kickstarter –

If we reach 500 backers, $90K, or 8250 Facebook fans by next Tuesday, we’ll giveaway some awesome prizes to you guys, including a Sela statue and a Grimm Fairy Tales Boxed Set!

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