Regarding Ms. Doherty’s likeness

Here was Zenescope’s official statement on the question of using Shannon Doherty’s likeness in the Charmed comic.

“Unfortunately Ms. Doherty has declined to be involved in the comic version of Charmed. This includes the use of her likeness. We had hoped that she would allow us to use her image and that we would be able to bring her into the Charmed comic book exactly as she was in the show but at this point that has become impossible. While Ms. Doherty’s likeness will not be used for the character we are still very excited about the direction we are going with Prue and we hope that fans of Charmed will feel the same way.”

-Ralph Tedesco, Editor in Chief

9 thoughts on “Regarding Ms. Doherty’s likeness

  1. Personally I , as a vvery long time fan of the show am very happy with everyhing that´s been done , and want to see a tenth season.

    It´s sad though that some people think that all this stuff is solved only by a tweet..
    Anyway , just have a little respect towards Zenescope , you ask they answer.

    If you don´t like the answer then you might not know a lot about legal issues.

  2.  Doesn’t surprise me.  She sued Spelling Ent. when her ARM was shown in an episode in season 7.  There’s a reason she’s never been successfully employed for longer than 3 years. She’s insane to work with.  I loved her on Charmed.  Loved Prue.  But Shannen the person is NOT Prue.   Typical of her. 

  3. she said on her twitter page that ZENESCOPE has to ASK her so she never even heard about  it. Ask her directly again and I’m sure she will agree ok ? thankssss

  4. Zenescope tried. Shannen should have done it at least for her fans if nothing else. She seems to be bitter after all the years. She still owns part of the show. She should be happy. And I am a fan of Shannen’s but she has lost my respect for not letting them use her likeness and bring Prue in her original form.  Again, she really could have let the bitterness go and done it for her fans.

  5. People saying it’s a lie… unless Zenescope is really eager to be sued by Shannen’s lawyers, I’m inclined to believe them. She has been asked about it since and hasn’t responded to people.
    And seriously, what the hell would they gain from lying? If they could use her likeness, why wouldn’t they? Lying about it would make no freakin’ sense!
    I’m happy with the direction Charmed has taken in regard to Prue anyway. Prue is about to begin her 5th season of Charmed and I’m so buzzed about that. The fact that her soul is in a different body is fine by me, it’s still Prue.

  6. Hey guys! How about checking how much it could cost Zenescope (I’m a worst case scenario) to be sued by Shannen on the use of her likeness, then starting a fundraising thing on line to cover for this cost?

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