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Zenescope’s 10,000 Likes Giveaway!



Well, Happy Comic Book Day!!!

It is great to be a part of an industry where there is a reason to celebrate every week!

Today sees the release of Irresistible #3, Bad Girls #2, and the finale to Call of Wonderland,  #4!

On top of these awesome releases, we are celebrating having recently hit 10,000 Likes on Facebook. Today is extra special because we are giving away Volumes 1-7 of Grimm Fairy Tales, all signed by Anthony Spay, and the Grimm Fairy Tales Art Book!!!

How can you win this mighty fine prize?

Simply tell us about your favorite thing Zenescope has done this year. It could be attending a convention, a giveaway, a new comic, an exclusive, or even some recent news. Let us know in the comments section below and we will choose one lucky person to win this prize package!

111 thoughts on “Zenescope’s 10,000 Likes Giveaway!

  1. I think the best thing Zenescope did this year was the Animated Series. I found out about that and was happy dancing all week! It’s always great news when one of your favorite series gets brought to life and I’m super excited to see the final product!

  2. Favorite thing Zenescope has done all year is GFT #75. Saw Raven Gregory talk about writing it when he was in Denver, and what kind of insanity he was planning, got excited as hell, then it was released and it lived up to the hype! Loved it!

  3. I became a fan of yours after I stumbled upon your banner sale on eBay, then I checked out your stuff and ordered a few comics, go around town and buy a few more…then I realized I bought some twice and I sent them to my gf and she loved it, and it gave us something more to talk about. So yeah. Thank you many times guys for your art, for what you keep doing, and for making Jessica and I even closer than we were before :)

  4. i personally liked the kickstarter project for the animated tv show. but aside from that, just seeing consistent and great updates on facebook about everything going on with zenoscope.

  5. My top 2 favorite things Zenescope has done this year: 1-Their webshow ‘Comic Book Company’! i love the blend of the actual company with the comics, it never stops being funny no matter how many times you watch it! 2-how humble the company still is, with all the great things going on for Zenescope, zenescope never hesitates to conect with fans on Facebook or Twitter whether it’s a reply or a retweet.

  6. The best thing Zenescope and its fans accomplished was getting the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series funded. What better way to show your support of the company and its product than by contributing to the kickstarter fund.

  7. I only started reading Grimm Universe books about a year ago and I loved it. The “twisted” fairy tales were great and then seeing the Grimm Universe take form was really enjoyable. Probably my favorite thing last year was getting to stop your table at C2E2. It was great to pick up some exclusives, as well as, meet some of the great talent you guys have.

    I also have to give an honorable mention to the Raven Gregory interview he did for Ain’t It Cool News. A lot of my other comic friends tend to think the Zenescope comics are “cheesy” and that I only buy for the covers. I admit I like the covers but the stories are what kept me buying. (You can get pictures all over the internet if that’s all you want). But I enjoyed how Gregory responded to the “cheesecake” stuff by basically saying you guys “try to put out the best comics [you] possibly can.”

  8. My favorite thing Zenescope has done is to create Wonderland as an ongoing comic. It is amazing to get into a comic from the ground up issue 1 (and before) and really take off. So many zenescope runs in the past have been 5 issue short runs, and now I have a title I can really jump off with. This is not to say the other wonderful things they have done at the cons, the kickstarter cartoon for grimms, vastly improving their web presence and functionality. Well done guys, congratulations!

  9. My favorite thing you guys have done is get me into your Wonderland comics! I can’t get enough of it. The art and stories are just amazing! And that has blossomed into a collection of all the Wonderland issues, the Jungle Book series, and an on the edge of your seat anticipation for the Robyn Hood series! It was also awesome to meet the writers and artists at SDCC 2012!

  10. While saying “everything” is an easy way out, I’d have to say the Kickstarter plan for the animated series was one of the break-out moments of the year for Zenescope. I think that not only fan involvement in the project being brought to life was a great way to approach it, but the various gift levels of donations really managed to top itself over and over again. I’m looking forward to the swag, seeing my wife and my names in the credits, and blowing the roof off of the animation world with star power and an innovative approach to getting the hottest product out to the market today.

  11. My favorite thing from this past year has been you giving me a chance to get to know you. You’ve supported me as I’ve taken on new challenges and always said hi when you’ve seen me. It’s good to see a company that doesn’t forget its fans as it grows.

  12. What not to like about Zenescope! I absolutely LOVED the Alice comics and the fact that Wonderland is now ongoing!! I’m so excited for Robyn Hood and Godstorm!!

  13. My favorite thing Zenescope has done this year is start sharing their comics at the store I frequest and opened me up to my childhood. I recently discovered Zenescope from Universal Super Heroes at the beach Jacksonville Florida. My first experience was Alice in Wonderland. I have loved this tale since I was a young boy and the poem The Jabberwocky took me away and taught me to be a poet. When I picked up your comic for the first time the illustrations and the beauty that your company created touched me in such a way I became an instant fan. I feel Spay is extremely talented and gives life to your words like no other. It then inspired me to start reading Grimm Fairy tales. I now have 10 of the soft cover books. I really feel that you are capturing the essence of stories with wonderful art. Regardless I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the little boy inside of me that was re-awakened by your tales.

  14. I just recently discovered you guys and have to say the stories and artwork are jaw dropping good! I wish I would have been there from the start because getting back issues of the books especially some of the amazing covers is next to impossible. I really have enjoyed the diversity of the books and stories and the interesting new ideas for stories.. Fly comes to mind.. Hope I am able to catch up on some of the great stuff I’ve missed!

  15. What I like is all the awesome books you guys put out, and also all the fan interaction you guys have. It means a lot to me knowing that you guys really care about your fans.

  16. I’d have to say that my favorite thing from Zenescope this year has to be the return of the Wonderland storyline. The previous stories being what introduced me to Zenescope a few years ago and got me into reading other Zenescope titles as well such as the Grimm Fairy Tales but the Wonderland stories’ll also be my favorite. It was also one of my first non-superhero comics :)

  17. My favorite thing this year is reading your comics .i just started this year and a fan of zenescope. Every time I go the comic store I look for anything zenescope my favoritecover is gft #75 but my all time favorite is the grimm fairy tales the Little Mermaid Collection cover B By David Seidman

  18. My favorite thing was most definitely not only announcing a Grimm Fairy Tales animated series, but getting that project funded and off the ground! Getting Lean Heady to lend her voice to one of the characters is also phenomenal (I loved Gorgo in 300, but I loathe Cersei in GoT, so that makes me love Lena as an actress even more). I won’t be able to be at NYCC to see the first footage, but hopefully I won’t have to wait too long to see it online. Keep on rocking, you guys! <3

  19. My favorite thing about Zenescope was their visit to Wizard World Philly and Baltimore. Your exclusive covers are incredible and they match the stories within!!

  20. The animated series Kickstarter for one! Bringing new books into the fold, like Jungle Book, Wonderland ongoing, Sleepy Hollow, Robyn Hood, etc. Everything you guys do is sexy and slick, can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the year and into 2013! Keep kicking a$$ Zenescope! :)

  21. The animated series Kickstarter for one! Bringing new books into the fold, like Jungle Book, Wonderland ongoing, Sleepy Hollow, Robyn Hood, etc. Everything you guys do is sexy and slick, can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the year and into 2013! Keep kicking a$$ Zenescope! :) Thank you!

  22. Hello. I am a huge Charmed fan. Ive just recently noticed Charmed had comics. I never knew of it but I love it. Ive just bought Charmed volume 1 from you guys on ebay. I havent gotten time to look into other comics youve guys made but I think winning this would be a great start. Thank you for Charmed. I cant wait till I get volume 2!

  23. I am very new to the comics world, and I am so happy to have discovered it! Grimm fairy tales are amazing, the very first comic book I picked up and read was GFT Myths and Legends #14. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale, but I am very excited for Robyn Hood! I know I have a lot of catching up to do, but I am thrilled that Zenescope has me craving more.

  24. The animated series was really exciting, but I would have to say that all of the Wonderland comics, action figures, the board game, etc. are my favorite parts of Zenescope. I have a HUGE obsession with anything having to do with Alice in Wonderland and Zenscope just helps feed my obsession all the more. I’m always looking forward to the next issue and checking constantly for any updates. Thanks for always being a constant fountain of pleasure!!

  25. Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series and Zenescopes fan interaction is some of the nest out there you guys really know how to make your fans feel valued and appreciated

  26. I loved the fact that I found you at Dragon Con. It seems like because it’s just a big fan party and not a comic industry event like any of the Comic Con’s it gets over looked. Thanks for coming and I hope you come back next year.

  27. A friend of mine recently got me hooked on comics. I love the GFT series, especially the Wonderland series. My 2 year old daughter also loves comics since I started buying them and hopefully the next mini will too (I’m expecting again). Last time I went to the comic book store one of the guys appeared with the latest Zenescope titles for me so I didn’t have to ask :)

  28. The Wonderland ongoing series is something I’ve been waiting for and that is probably my favorite thig you guys have done this year. The edgy and awesomely provacative art is something I’ve always appreciated with both the new and previous series but more importantly is the story–as an English lit major I really enjoy the new twist but it makes the characters more human which makes them fallible and therefore much more relatable to adults. I’m so happy you guys are continuing this series.
    My second favorite thing would have to be Robyn Hood, I’m so excited for another kick ass heroine and can’t wait to see what you guys have in store

  29. My favorite thing Zenescope has done this year is attend Boston Comic Con. It was great to see my favorite comic company come up north. Even better was the booth guy recognizing right away that I was dressed as Sela and had my daughter dressed as Snow White. Just when I thought I had a cosplay bomb, booth guy cheered me up and made the rest of my con. And of course Grimm Animated Series! Cant forget about that awesomeness!

  30. I was extremely happy with the release of the new Wonderland series. I loved the three miniseries and plan on picking up all of the issues of this series for as long as it goes. Can not wait to see what madness and insanity Calie has to face!

  31. I thought Zenescope was awesome at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con! I had the best time hanging at the table (while getting my EBAS sketch of Wonder Woman after she’s had sex with Superman). It was great! Definitely the party corner of the showroom. You guys rock!!!!!

  32. The Wonderland series and the new animated series coming out soon.Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m sure it will be very cool !

  33. I think its fantastic that Zenescope has been coming out to the smaller conventions, even when most of the other companies never show. It makes a difference and it shows they care for all the comic fans and through that they win new ones.

  34. The best thing Zenescope did this year was Phoenix Con. Living in the UK makes it especially difficult to go to these kind of events and finally getting the chance to go and then meet everyone was awesome. It is even more satisfying when you finally meet people you admire and they make the time to talk. Whether they really want to or not:-P

  35. There are so many things zebras cope has done this year that I’m excited about. The first one being the wonderland board game the next one is Grimm fairy tails the animated series I can’t wait to see it and the last one is the call of wonderland I love the whole wonderland series but that one is my favorit

  36. My favourite thing from zenescope this year has to be the new waking dreams end books.
    I am a relatively new reader and when I discovered the waking books i was in love.
    The waking dreams end allows my love to continue to blossom haha. And you cant look past the awesome Emerald city con variant cover of issue one. One of my favourite covers of all to date.

  37. Everything has been simply amazing, zenescope is just perfect. Every cover that has come out this year, the great service you give to fans, and especially the new toys “i bought all three”. I especially had fun in the emerald city convention meeting the masterminds behind zenescope thank you for having the best comics especially Call of wonderland #4 and the wrap around Alice.

  38. My favorite thing that Zenescope did this year was get me so hooked on their comics that I bought the Wonderland Trilogy, The Piper, Dream Eater Saga, and Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 1-12 on ONE trip to the comic book store and read all 17 books in 3 days

  39. I would say having Raven Gregory at Wonder con. I got a chance to meet him and he is a really nice guy. I enjoyed being able to meet him and have a talk to him about the stories he writes for Zenescope. It was the best part of the con for me. And I was thrilled getting him to sign Myth and Legends vol 2

  40. My favorite thing Zenescope has done this year is the expansion. We’ve heard of potential movies, the kickstarter-cartoon, Robyn Hood and the Headless Horseman comics, Wonderland on-going and so much more (boardgame too!). Zenescope has now gone (successfully) toe-to-toe with its larger competitors, creating comics without adhering to any sort of Comic Code Authority. As a historian, it’s great to see a company become what we should have in the industry.

  41. Expanding on their Wonderland world. It’s probably one of the most interesting world’s in comics today, and love that they’re adding so much to the story and mythos.

  42. I really love the Wonderland, and really looking forward to the Robyn Hood coming out.
    I really just started GFT this year, so my favourite thing has been Myths & Legends, since I could start fresh. I have used the Trades to catch up on GFT tho. Also loving the Wonderland Series, Call of, and Alice in. But then I may also say my favourite thing is The Zenescope’s artists, but I’m not sure that is a ‘this year’ category :)

  43. My favorite thing about Zenescope this year is the Wonderland on going. Jungle Book came in a very close second. I was skeptical when I first saw it but having enjoyed other Zenescope books I gave the first issue a chance. It was fantastic.

  44. As a zenescope and jessica nigri fan this years pheonixcon limited edition Grimm Fairy Tales Oversized Cosplay Special was an awesome treat.

  45. My favorite thing Zenescope has done this year is their announcement of the Robyn Hood series. The advanced art is just fantastic and I am eagerly awaiting the first book to see the “Z” treatment of this timeless story.

  46. The best thing Zenescope has done is to continue to have the best Artists and Writers work on their books and take comics to a higher level of entertainment . The main reason that I rediscovered my passion for comic books and my love of drawing comic art that I hadn’t done in 14 years . Thank You

  47. It’s Bad Ass, I don’t know how I would be able to pick one thing out of all the awesomeness. You take my favorite stories as a kid you revamp them, you give them impowered women that are sexy yet can ripe you apart and now your going to have an animated series. I don’t know how my head hasn’t exploded yet. My first experience though will always be the greatest, I walk into a Spencers just killing time and BOOM right there hidden on the bottem shelf I see two graphic novels Grimms #1 and Return to Wonderland I flip through the pages and scream to myself, just pure joy knowing that someone had the same love for these stories and had the same morbid story telling that I loved to read and write about. All I would like to say is thank you, the stories, the art the love for your work. The love for Zenescope and it’s lovely wickedness that I feel will be with me for the rest of my life, and I hope that it’s Bad assery lasts even longer. Thank you :)

  48. I love so much about Zenescope that I can barely decide where to begin. I am hooked on the Irresistible series (can’t get enough of the the balance between sexy, humor, and the dark side of getting what you wish for). I just picked up the latest in a series that I can’t put down, Call of Wonderland #4. The front cover artwork always makes my fiance laugh, she calls me a perv because of it but whatever, but it just shows the quality of art they put into each issue of each series.

  49. For me, it’s gotta be meeting their crew and co-founders at Comikaze this past week. Went outta their way to sign my books for me AND gave me a military discount to boot!!

  50. Being a new fan to Zenescope comics, I think the awesome sales Zenescope offered this year: August 65% off regular covers, the Summer Sale, and the Spring Fling was excellent. It is Wonderlandful that Zenescope gave new life and perspective to all the classic children’s fairy tales and stories in the format of exciting, fun to read, adventurous comics. Happy GFT #75, can’t wait until it gets to GFT #100. GFT and the multiple Wonderland titles are my favorites. I think the new comic Irresistible is hilarious and I can’t wait until Robyn Hood #1 is released. Thank you Zenescope. You guys rock and you choose great artists and story writers for your comics.

  51. I see…this is a trick question…making us try to narrow Zenescope’s swag down to one favorite. Well, I’m not following for it…I love everything Zenescope has done this year! All I can say is, please don’t stop.

  52. My favorite thing Zenescope has done this year was announcing that they are going to put their spin on Sleepy Hollow.

  53. Other then the fantastic covers that have always been a driving part of my collection it was the Kickstarter Event. Everyday when I got up when I got home from work before I went to bed I had to see how are we doing on this I want to see it as a reality. Upping my pledge to help more making posts on facebook and trying to spread the word. It didnt just make me feel like a fan but one of the team.

  54. I found Zenescope this year, and I’ve loved just about everything! I can’t wait to read Robyn hood, love the digital availability of the comics, and am loving the way that Zenescope gets involved with fans.

  55. I absolutely love love love that we as a whole were able to support and help jump start the Animated Series with the help of the kickstarter page. That is going to be so awesome and a great platform for everyone who doesn’t know what Zenescope and it’s awesomeness is to get hooked!
    I also loved seeing the Zenescope Booth at Philly Comic Con, it’s always my favorite because I get to purchase exclusive covers, meet some of the Zenescope crew and get past issues real cheap! <33333 Ya'll are quite incredible.

  56. The Fly books and the Grimm books have taken me to a new level with the stories they tell. The covers are just amazing and I always look forward to what you guys are going to do next.

  57. I love how u started the animated series of the Grimm fairy tales. To be able to watch it instead of just reading it is just awesome!!!

  58. How can you choose just one thing. I love all the books you guys have put out. Every time you guys have a new book or come out with a new series you keep topping yourself. Keep it up. You have a fan for life. I am really looking forward to the new Robyn Hood. I love starting a new series and collecting all the books. You guys rock!

  59. There is so many positives zenescope has added to the industry. The animated series is going to be amazing, but the different view zenescope ha given to time honored, and beloved, stories/characters has to be my favorite thing. The amazing, and alternative, depiction of beloved characters such as the Cheshire cat, the wonderland queens, tinker bell, the Liddell family, red riding hood, and beauty and the beast. Being able to take a loved name, and create an altnate view of it, and making it just as loved as the original is an epic task. We all know the 2nd is never as good as the original. You all destroyed that theory.

    Thank you, and keep it up. Let’s go robyn hood, oz, and sleepy hallow!

  60. I believe Zenescope created the best comic book cover of the decade in Swimsuit Edition 2012 cover B. Amazing color, depth, line, style and beauty. It is easy to be a fan with this type of imagination in the work.

  61. Well, I just finished rereading Bad Girls 2 (third time so far), so I am tempted to say that my favorite thing Zenescope has done this year is give me more of Nathan Cross. How can I say no to more of my second favorite nonCharmed Zenescope character appearing in multiple comics series this year. Or maybe I could say that it’s giving me more of my favorite nonCharmed Zenescope character, Braden Cole from Salem’s Daughter, because that’s certainly awesome. Or maybe it’s more of my favorite Zenescope villain, Johnny Liddle, because that is creepy awesome.
    You will note however that I prefaced the first two with “nonCharmed character”, so you may have a clue as to what my favorite thing Zenescope has done this year is. My favorite thing Zenescope has done this year is give me more Charmed! I’m definitely enjoying Paul Ruditis’ story line for Charmed right now and I am looking forward to the next issue and the next season.
    Thanks so much for giving Charmed fans a chance to keep our girls alive.

  62. This is an easy question for me to answer. This has been one of the hardest years in my life. I was going thru some very hard times. A friend of mine was concerned and said “You should get a hobby, take your mind off things, read a comic”. Never reading comics in my life, I figured why not give it a try, so off I went to my local comic book store. I’m not into super heroes so I was quickly discouraged until…there she was! Red Riding Hood (TPB Vol 1) I was instanly hooked! I have started collecting, made new friends and of course every Wednesday I am getting the new release! I am even going to my first comic expo (Las Vegas). Can’t wait to meet the incredible artist! Sounds crazy but simply put the best thing Zenescope has done this year for me is save this year for me! I am really happy with my new hobby and I can’t wait to complete my collection of old and get all the great new comics you create. You have gained a very greatfull, lifetime fan! Thank you!

  63. Zenescope had kept me in the fanboy game when i was convinced i was done. Amazing projects like the announced Wonderland animated, the jungle book release, and call of Wonderland have drawn me back in and kept the fanboy in me alive and rejuvenated!

  64. Zenescope has the fanboy in me alive and rejuvenated when i thought it was dying out. Great projects like the announced Wonderland animated run, The Jungle Book, and Call of Wonderland keep me coming back. Keep up the amazing work guys! You are amazing!

  65. I enjoy the Wonderland series, it’s great the way it keeps growing. I can’t wait for the Robyn Hood & Sleepy Hollow. I love the way that you take stories that we know & add twist to them making them more adult & not kiddy.

  66. Zenescope reminded us that Fairy Tales are scary, not all sweet and innocent as Disney would have us believe. Zenescope gave us back the true Grimm stories with there own twisted flavor. I read Grimm Fairy Tales #1 and was hooked now I collect almost every title and I am super excited for Robyn Hood and Sleepy Hallow. Can’t wait it see Zenescopes spin on it. And some of the covers blow my mind, ArtGrem, Ebas, and Al Rio, Yang, Campbell. Just to name a few. I am a die hard DC fan and now I am a die hard Zenescope fan. Every time I am in the local comic store I talk up all the titles and I always get other people into the stories. And The Jungle Book was fu*king amazing, I wonder what you guys would do with the Tarzan story or some Edgar Allen Poe some of his lesser know stories. You actually resparked my interest in comics and I thank you for that.

  67. As daft as it might sounds, My favourite thing that Zenescope have done this year, it make time to chat to my mate Karl and I when we turned up at Pheonix Comicon 2012 (all the way from the UK). The made us feel welcome, everyone on the booth made time to talk to use and discuss the comics and everything going on… You just can’t beat that personal touch!

  68. The brand new series that are amazing!!!, it’s hard to draw amazing
    characters but it’s harder to make them so real, to see how is feeling about
    the situation and the great scrip that always let you with the taste of more.

    My favorite this year is Wonderland because as it’s an old story no one has ever explain it as you do, taking care with every single detail in time line and characters.

    Greetings from México city.

  69. Me and my husband are super Excited to see the new upcoming titles Oz and Sleepy Hollow im a huge fan of all Zenescope titles and try to read, as much as possible. Wonderful character, beautiful covers and amazing characters. Cant wait to see whats NEXT.

  70. My favorite moment so far is yet to come. I am anxiously awaiting the debut of Sleepy Hollow! My boyfriend introduced me to the Zenescope world a little while ago and it intrigued me, but nothing has caught my attention like the adaption of this classic horror legend!

  71. Definitely looking forward to Sleepy Hollow, was intrigued by the first issue of Irresistible, and also liked the first issue of Wonderland.

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