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Zenescoop Previews: Robyn Hood #5

Zenescoop previews is back with a look inside the story of one of the most popular new characters Zenescope has introduced. Robyn Hood #5 is the conclusion to this exciting mini-series, but it is not, in fact, the last we’ll see of Robyn Hood.

Check it out!


Also, as a special bonus for out Robyn Hood fans, the cover is actually AR-enabled, so you can catch a special Q&A with writer Pat Shand by using the Zenescope AR app, powered by Aurasma (instructions on how to use the app are inside the back cover of the book.)


That’s all for now. Let us know what upcoming releases you want to see a preview of, and we’ll see what we can do!


One thought on “Zenescoop Previews: Robyn Hood #5

  1. This looks awesome so far. Can’t wait to pick it up. Glad to hear Robyn isn’t going to just disappear, because she is definitely one of my favorite heroines.

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