Zenescope’s San Diego Comic Con Hit List Game


Stop by the Zenescope booth 2301 and ask to join the #HitList.

Sign up with just your email address, and you’ll receive a free SDCC exclusive numbered button. You’ll get a picture at our booth and we’ll post a picture with the text: “#____ Just joined the #HitList!”

Then the game begins. #SDCC attendees will be on the lookout for these buttons, and looking to capture you on camera. If they get a picture of you, and share “I just targeted ____ on the #HitList!” You’ve been targeted!

If you’re targeted the most by the end of San Diego Comic Con, you’ll be drawn into the comic as a target in the upcoming #1 issue of Hit List.

But that’s not the only way to win! Zenescope also wants to reward worthy Hitmen. So, anyone who shares a picture of a target can stop by the booth, show us the image, and receive a free comic book at the show!

Have a keen eye? The person who shares the most pictures of targets will also be depicted in the #1 issue of Hit Lit!

But you don’t even need to be at San Diego Comic con to win! Share any post with the #hitlist

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.


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