Art of Zenescope Limited Edition Volume 1: Now Available on Amazon

We’re happy to announce that the Art of Zenescope Limited Edition Volume 1 is now available through Amazon. We have been very excited for this release, and we can’t wait for our fans to get their hands on it!

Click the link below and you get get one today!

The Art of Zenescope Limited Edition V1


Wonder what is inside? Here are a few of the 200 pages of awesome exclusives that are featured in this collection:

AOZ_LE_Vo1pg17 AOZ_LE_Vo1pg56 AOZ_LE_Vo1pg67 AOZ_LE_Vo1pg130

Sela, Alice, Wonderland, Neverland and much more are featured in this art book. Get your copy of this awesome collection through Amazon today!

  • William De Micheli

    Outstanding – received mine Monday – hope there will be a Vol #2!

    • Stephen Haberman

      we are certainly planning on future volumes

      • Michael Neumann

        I hope you make the edition sizes smaller. As is, they are great books but will never accumulate much in value. I like my art book purchases to increase in value over time, and most do if they have proper edition sizes. This was about 50% to large, especially once you factor in the 2 different editions.

  • Colleen Morgan Wurster

    Love the art! One of the great draws of the series

    • Stephen Haberman

      much appreciated!