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Zenescope Previews: Oz 6, Ascension 1, & Code Red 3

Oz 6 of 6 (Final Issue)

The fate of all the realms of power hangs in the balance as Dorothy battles the Witches of Oz for control of the powerful Veridian Scepter. Don’t miss the shocking conclusion to the first of many OZ series from Zenescope Entertainment!

Story and Written by Joe Brusha
Pencils by Rolando Di Sessa
Inks by Glauber Matos
Colors by Grostieta
Letters by Corey Breen
Edited by Anthony Spay

OZ06_coverA OZ06_coverB OZ06_coverC OZ06_coverD

Cover A by Ken Lashley/Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Cover B by Richard Ortiz/Colors by Sean Ellery
Cover C by Carlos Gomez/Colors by Sanju Nivangune

OZ06_page1 OZ06_page2 OZ06_page3 OZ06_page4


Ascension 1 of 5

In the beginning, there were the Keepers: five god-like entities, devoted to protecting the Earth and the realms that surround it. Their leader, the Maker, created a son known only as the Being. But that son was not pure of heart and grew into a threat. His own father made a difficult decision to imprison him in a place of evil, the Shadowlands.

But centuries later, the Being found a way to open the gates of the Shadowlands, in turn unleashing unimaginable monstrosities upon Earth. Once free, the Being found his father, murdered him, and vowed to become humanity’s new god. This is his story.

Story by Pat Shand, Raven Gregory, and Joe Brusha
Written by Pat Shand
Pencils by Butch Mapa
Colors by 3martstudio
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

Ascension01_coverA Ascension01_coverBAscension01_cover C Ascension01_coverD

Cover A by Abhishek Malsuni/Colors by Shashank Mishra
Cover B by Richard Ortiz/Colors bySimon Gough
Cover C by Eric J/Colors by Oracle
Cover D by Giuseppe Cafaro/Colors by Ruben Curto

Ascension01_page 2 Ascension01_page 3 Ascension01_page 11


Code Red 3 of 5 (Age of Darkness)

Disregarding her orders, Red charges into face the Dark Horde on her own. However, a simple mission quickly turns to a fight for her life when Red finds herself hopelessly outgunned. Can Red survive when the Horde rises anew, or will she fall in their shadow? Find out in this game-changing issue!

Story by Joe Brusha, Pat Shand, and Raven Gregory
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Joel Ojeda and Vincenzo Riccardi
Colors by Roland Pilcz
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

CodeRed03_coverA CodeRed03_coverB CodeRed03_coverC CodeRed03_coverD CodeRed03_coverE Amazing Arizona

Cover A by Jamal Igle/Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Cover B by Steven Cummings/Colors by Stephen Schaffer
Cover C by Martin Abel
Cover D by Marat Mychaels/Colors by Sanju Nivangune
Amazing Arizona Exclusive (Limited to 500 copies) by Jamie Tyndall/Colors by Ula Mos

CodeRed03_page 1 CodeRed03_page 2 CodeRed03_page 7


Oz 6, Ascension 1, and Code Red 3 (Age of Darkness) on sale Wednesday 2/5/14 on 


Christopher Cote
<p>Art Director of Zenescope Entertainment</p>
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