Wizard World Sacramento 2014



Zenescope Entertainment has announced its plans for Wizard World Sacramento 2014 at the Sacramento Convention Center from March 7th through the 9th.  The company will be exhibiting at the show at Booth #605. There will be a limited edition exclusive available at the show; GFT Code Red #4 – Cover E – Artwork by Michael Dooney and is limited to 350 copies. Inside these exclusives is a coupon for the chance to win a print of the cover of this exclusive.

The company will also be holding the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated panel on Saturday March 8th at 5:00pm in panel room 104. The panel will feature Zenescope’s Editor and writer Pat Shand as the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated pilot is screened followed by a question and answer with Pat Shand himself.  He will also be available at the Zenescope booth the entire weekend for signings.

Zenescope Entertainment will also continue the countdown to the landmark 100th issue of the company’s flagship hit title, GRIMM FAIRY TALES.

For more information about the exclusives, signing schedule, or even anything else regarding Zenescope’s plans at Wizard World Sacramento, be sure to check the official Zenescope blog, or follow the updates on the Zenescope Facebook page, or Twitter feed by searching #ZeneWWSac2014.


Zenescope Previews: GFT 95, Oz Hardcover, Tales From Oz 3, Code Red 4, & Hit List 5

Grimm Fairy Tales 95: Koschei The Deathless (Age of Darkness)

Not much is known about Koschei the Deathless and his alliance to the Dark Queen… until now! Witness Koschei’s rise to power as we journey into the past to learn about his origins and connections with the likes of Keres, Baba Yaga, and some of history’s most ruthless villains.

Grimm Fairy Tales created by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco
Story by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco
Written by Raven Gregory
Pencils by Antonio BIfulco
Colors by Pradeep Sherawat
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

GFT95_coverA GFT95_coverB GFT95_coverC GFT95_coverD ECCC Exclusive

Cover A by Paulo Siqueira/Sabine Rich
Cover B by Marat Mychaels/Sanju Nivangune
Cover C by Steven Cummings/Sanju Nivangune
Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive (Limited to 500) by Elias Chatzoudis

GFT95_p1 GFT95_p4 GFT95_p5


OZ Hardcover

The world faces a gathering storm that threatens to drown it in darkness. The only hope to stop the coming evil rests on an unlikely hero: a Kansas farm girl named Dorothy Gale.

Unbeknownst to Dorothy, highborn blood flows through her veins and with it, the power to save Earth and the realms of power that surround it. But Dorothy must first learn to use her unharnessed abilities before the witches of Oz destroy her and everyone else that stands in their way.

Zenescope Entertainment presents another incredible tale of adventure and fantasy with this mesmerizing and epic re-imagining of a classic!

“…Writer Joe Brusha is turning the fairy tale story into a true epic on a Lord of the Rings level.” – Adventures in Poor Taste

“This is definitely not your grandmother’s Wizard of Oz.” – Front Towards Gamer


Written by Joe Brusha
Pencils by Rolando Di Sessa and Miguel Mendonca
Inks by Glauber Matos
Colors by Grostieta
Letters by Jim Campbell and Corey Breen
Edited by Anthony Spay
Production Design by Christopher Cote
Cover by Artgerm

OZ_HC_page61 OZ_HC_page83 OZ_HC_page90 OZ_HC_page92


Tales From Oz 3 of 3 (Final Issue)

The Witches of Oz rule with power and fear. Even their allies are not safe from their wrath if they step out of line. And the punishment for those who betray them is severe as one of their most trusted advisors is about to find out… Even the most timid of men can be transformed into the scariest of creatures.

Story by Joe Brusha
Written by Shane McKenzie
Pencils by David Acosta and Luca Erbetta
Colors by Andrea Dota (Mad5)
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Anthony Spay

Good Dog Part 3: Featuring Toto Backup Story
Story by Joe Brusha and Jeff Massey
Written by Jeff Massey
Pencils by Vincenzo Federici
Colors by Dante Strada
Letters by Renato Guerra
Edited by Anthony Spay

TFOZ03_cover A TFOZ03_cover B TFOZ03_cover C TFOZ03_cover D ECCC Tyndall

Cover A by Renato Rei/Stephen Schaffer
Cover B by Marat Mychaels/Sanju Nivangune
Cover C by Pasquale Qualano/Alessia Nocera
Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive (Limited to 500) by Jamie Tyndall/Ula Mos

TFOZ03_p1 TFOZ03_p2 TFOZ03_p3 TFOZ03_p4


Code Red 4 of 5 (Age of Darkness)

The Realm Knights training facility is overrun by orcs operating under the orders of the Dark Horde. Armed with modern weaponry and a demonic parasite that is able to jump from body to body at will, the Horde kills everyone in the facility except Agent Red, who’s aided by Robyn and a team of HiboCorp agents. Though the orcs have escaped, Red and the Hibocorp agents follow them and prepare an assault.

Story by Joe Brusha, Pat Shand, and Ralph Tedesco
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Vincenzo Riccardi
Colors by Roland Pilcz
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

CodeRed04_coverA CodeRed04_coverB CodeRed04_coverC CodeRed04_coverD Sacramento CodeRed04_coverE Exclusive

Cover A by Harvey Tolibao/Ivan Nunes
Cover B by Ale Garza/Luis Guerrero
Cover C by Andrea Errico
Wizard World Sacramento Exclusive (Limited to 350) by Michael Dooney/Ula Mos
Zenescope Exclusive (Limited to 500) by Elias Chatzoudis

CodeRed04_p1 CodeRed04_p2 CodeRed04_p3 CodeRed04_p9


Hit List 5 of 5 (Final Issue)

Cody and Bale must make a difficult decision about the unhinged Rian as Will and Dominic are tasked with finishing the job that they started. But is the neo-nazi gang, Brown House, a step ahead of them this time around?

Written by Ralph Tedesco
Pencils by Sami Kivela
Colors by Bryan Valenza and Stephen Schaffer
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Ralph Tedesco and Nicole Glade

HitList05_coverA HitList05_coverB HitList05_coverC HitList05_coverD Incentive

Cover A by Vincenzo Cucca/Sanju Nivangune
Cover B by Drew Edward Johnson/Wes Hartman
Cover C by Harvey Tolibao/Ivan Nunes
Retailer Incentive Cover (Limited to 350) by Elias Chatzoudis

HitList05_p3 HitList05_p11 HitList05_p13 HitList05_p15


Grimm Fairy Tales 95 (Age of Darkness), Oz Hardcover, Tales From Oz 3 of 3, Code Red 4 of 5 (Age of Darkness), and Hit List 5 of 5 on sale Wednesday (3/5/14) on shop.zenescope.com

Interview with ANTHONY SPAY

Listen to the interview here: ANTHONY SPAY on MORE LIKE RADIO

Our very own Art Director/Artist Anthony Spay gives a personal interview with Michael Falcone of More Like Radio. He lets us in on his life growing up, playing the viola, some of his musical tastes, football and of course… comic books.

Anthony lets you in on what he’s reading, breaking into comics, giving critiques and where ideas come from for exclusives.

He also gives a little insight into the thought process of writing Grimm Fairy Tales and leaks a little information on the upcoming Grimm Fairy Tales 100, and much more.

Follow Anthony on Twitter: @anthonybspay
Follow Zenescope on Twitter: @Zenescope
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Listen to the interview here: ANTHONY SPAY on MORE LIKE RADIO


Behind the Scenes with Pat Shand: ROBYN HOOD: LEGEND #1


Featuring Robyn Hood: Legend #1

Hey guys. Pat Shand here. A lot of you have been asking for some behind the scenes looks at what we do at Zenescope, so I figured it’s about time to bring that to you. I work as staff writer and editor for the company, so I get to witness the crazy cool weirdness that is the creation of a comic book.

Since ROBYN HOOD: LEGEND #1 is coming out next month, I figured now would be a great time to give you a teaser for that series, while also showing what goes into the creation of a page.

First, we start with a story outline. What we at Zenescope usually do is write anywhere from a page to a page and a half detailing what happens in any given issue. That is one thing I’m not going to show here, though. Spoilers!

Next step is the script. Personally, I write in the full script method. I know some folks use the “Marvel method” that Stan Lee popularized – I was recently listening to an excellent podcast that Kieron Gillen conducted with Matt Fraction and David Aja, the creative team on Marvel’s Hawkeye. Those two are operating under a somewhat tweaked version of the Marvel method, where a writer will give a loose outline of a page that the artist then breaks down into panels. After that, the writer will add dialogue. For me, though, as a writer and as an editor, I prefer laying out the entire page for the artist.


Here’s my scripted page for ROBYN HOOD: LEGEND #1:

Page Five

Panel 1. Back in the cab. Robyn tosses the cabbie a fat stack of hundreds.

Take the rest of the night off.

I… This is…

Panel 2. Exterior shot. The cabbie stands outside of his cab, waving to Robyn as she walks AWAY from him, toward her apartment, the same one we saw in the GFT HOLIDAY EDITION 2013.

Thank you, miss! THANK YOU!

Long day. Ate too much. Helped that guy out. Saved some idiot from getting killed. Shot some lowlifes in the knees, which is always fun.

Panel 3. Robyn throws the briefcase on her couch like it means nothing to her.

Got a payday in the process.

Panel 4. Robyn pulls on her shorts for bed. She is wearing a ratty old t-shirt.


I’m doing good. Maybe even making a difference. All in a day’s work.

Panel 5. Robyn climbs into bed, looking disturbed.

Maybe, someday, it will make me feel better about what happened. Make me feel… something.


Now, here’s the thing about this script. Larry Watts, the artist on Robyn Hood, and I have been collaborating together for years, so I know his style. My panel descriptions are loose, and I tell him as often as I can that he can do with them what he likes. He’s made changes before for pacing, focus, and style, and I always defer to him because I trust his visual storytelling.


Here’s Larry’s page.


Many artists start with a layout phase. Larry does, too, but since he works on pages in bunches, instead of having true layouts, he’ll submit a page of penciled work. He always has pages in various stages of completion, so when he’ll e-mail me work, I’ll see some pages completely inked for the first time, like the page above, while others will be partially inked or just penciled.

After Larry’s work is in and approved, we get the colorist on board. The new ROBYN HOOD series colorist debuted with us on this month’s AGE OF DARKNESS one-shot. His name is Slamet Mujiono, and once we saw his color work over Larry’s lines, we knew they were a match that we’d strive to keep together.

Here’s Slamet’s colors for the page:


Slamet’s color work here accentuates the realistic, subtle acting that Larry is doing with Robyn, while also adding a very specific tone with his use of blues. A great colorist will tell a story along with the writer and the artist, and that is very much what Slamet does on this book.

Finally, we’ve got the letters. Jim Campbell is our go-to letterer at Zenescope, and that’s because he always does a damn good job. We ask a lot of Jim, and he always delivers, making the scripts better, influencing the voices of the characters, and making sure that the reader’s eye is able to properly follow the flow of the story.


A lot of times, we’ll tweak the dialogue after seeing the final letters. It’s the first time that the story and the art are truly becoming one, and the words will always appear differently over the art than in the original script. Clunky wording becomes clearer, and new, better ways that writers just can’t see in the drafts they’ve polished over and over again can suddenly burst through the fog when seen in context of a page.


Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with some more insight into the various creative processes of Zenescope Entertainment.


ROBYN HOOD: LEGEND #1 is written by Pat Shand, drawn by Larry Watts, colored by Slamet Mujiono, and lettered by Jim Campbell. It hits shelves March 19th, 2014.


Zenescope Previews: Quest 4 & BAR Maid 3

Quest 4 of 5 (Age of Darkness)

With the end of their quest just out of reach, our heroes end up in the ravaged town of Vallone… the kingdom over which Aisling once ruled. Even if the fallen princess can survive the ghosts of her past, she still has to contend with the sinister surprise that waits for her, Blake, Bolder, and Druanna at the end of their voyage.

Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Raven Gregory, and Pat Shand
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Sergio Osuna
Colors by Francesca Zambon
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

Quest04_coverA Quest04_coverB Quest04_coverC

Cover A by Emilio Laiso/Colors by Ylenia Di Napoli
Cover B by Ivan Nunes
Cover C by Jamie Tyndall/Colors by Ula Mos

Quest04_page 3 Quest04_page 4 Quest04_page 5 Quest04_page 6


B.A.R. Maid 3

After being betrayed and trapped by Japanese forces, all looks lost for Cassidy and her band of freedom fighters. But a sacrifice by one of the team members leads to a daring escape. Safe from the Japanese for the time being, Cassidy is devastated by the loss of one of the most important people in her life. Can she go on fighting an enemy bent on world domination, or will this latest loss make her give up for good? Little does she know, her decision will alter history.

Created by Clayburn Moore
Story by Joe Brusha and Clayburn Moore
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Jacob Bear
Colors by Jose Exposito, Jeff Balke, and Rohvel Yumul
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

BARMaid03_coverA BARMaid03_coverB BARMaid03_coverC BARMaid03_coverD

Cover A by Billy Tucci/Colors by Sabine Rich
Cover B by Franchesco!
Cover C by Pasquale Qualano/Colors by Alessia Nocera
Retailer Exclusive (Limited to 500 copies) by Franchesco!

BARMaid03_page 2 BARMaid03_page 8

Quest 4 (Age of Darkness) and B.A.R. Maid 3 on sale Wednesday (2/26/14) on shop.zenescope.com

Zenescope VIP Program

New Loyalty Program for 2014! We are happy to announce the Zenecope VIP Rewards Program for our loyal fans and collectors. VIP members are eligible for exclusive items and will have the ability to accumulate points from purchases redeemable for Zenescope merchandise.Print

Where do I start?

To join the VIP Program at the Bronze level, you must pay a $150 yearly membership fee. Ready? Go right HERE. International Members have an additional $10 shipping fee. This fee includes a lot of free merchandise, including a Free Birthday Exclusive drawn by Elias Chatzoudis. This exclusive is only available through the VIP Program and cannot be bought anywhere. GFT94_coverF VIP Birthday ExclusiveThe complete Bronze VIP Program Pack includes:

  • 2014 VIP Personalized Membership Card
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #94 – 2014 Birthday Exclusive by Elias Chatzoudis (only available to VIP members, not available for purchase anywhere!)
  • Bronze VIP Badge with Limited Edition Artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
  • Zenescope Lanyard
  • Discount on select show products

Once you are part of the program, you can start accumulating points for all purchases you make, 1 point for every $1 spent excluding shipping. You will receive points for every purchase made in 2014, even if the purchase was made before joining the VIP Program. The points can be redeemed for Zenescope merchandise – trades, gear, comics, exclusives, the chance to be drawn into a comic, and much more! A catalog will be released only to VIP Members with prizes that can be accumulated with their points.

Fans will be notified through the Zenescope VIP Newsletter what double point items will be available at conventions before the conventions start. We will also be offering double points for VIP members during Zenescope web store sales.

Once members accrue 5,000 points, they will reach Silver Level. Silver Level Members will receive:

  • Silver VIP Badge with Limited Edition Artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
  • Silver VIP Exclusive Art Print
  • Zenescope Draw String Bag

At 8,000 points, members will reach Gold Level. Gold Level Members will receive:

  • Gold VIP Badge with Limited Edition Artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
  • Gold VIP Exclusive Art Print
  • Gold Member VIP T-Shirt

Purchase your VIP Membership today on the Zenescope Web Store! Membership to the Zenescope VIP Program is limited to individuals only and is limited to one account per individual. A valid email address is required to register for the program. Please read the frequently asked questions below if you have questions about this program. If your question is still not answered, please email info@zenescope.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to join the VIP program every year? Yes, the yearly membership fee is $150. As a VIP, you are eligible for exclusive items and point benefits redeemable for Zenescope merchandise.

What does the $150 membership fee include? You receive a VIP membership card, Zenescope Lanyard, Bronze Level Badge, Bronze Level Art Print, and Birthday Exclusive which is only available to VIP members and cannot be purchased. As a VIP member, you also begin accumulating points with every purchase made on the Zenescope web store and conventions redeemable for merchandise.

Does the art work change every year for the bronze, silver, and gold memberships? Yes, bronze, silver, and gold members will enjoy new, exclusive artwork each year.

What if my birthday already passed? You are still eligible for the exclusive, and will be sent after the membership fee is paid.

What can I redeem my points for? There will be a catalog with a list of items you can receive for points. We will be sending a catalog with available merchandise, when you sign up for membership.

Do purchases made at conventions accumulate VIP points? Yes, purchases made at conventions will count towards VIP points. Special discounts and other member benefits may apply at conventions.

Do purchases made at my local comic shop accumulate VIP points? No, VIP points only accumulate from purchases made on the Zenescope web store and at official Zenescope booths at conventions.

Do I get points for purchases made before joining the VIP program? Yes, any purchase(s) made beginning January 1, 2014 will count towards the VIP program.

Does the $150 spent on the membership fee count as points? Yes! So just by signing up for the VIP program, you already have 150 points!

How do I know how many points I have accumulated? Please email info@zenescope.com to find out your current point total. After your order is processed on the web store, you will receive an email with an updated point amount.

Do my points ever expire? Points expire by February 1st of the following year if you do not renew your membership. If you renew your membership each year, then your points never expire.

Zenescope Previews: Tales From Oz 2, Grimm Fairy Tales 94, Wonderland Asylum 2, & Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Trade

Tales From Oz 2: Cowardly Lion

The Kavari were a race of proud and noble warriors… but not all the Kavari dreamed of a life in battle. Journey back into the history of Oz to witness the story of Thorne, the so-called “cowardly” lion and brother of the courageous and mighty Thane.

Story by Joe Brusha
Written by Meredith Finch
Pencils by Miguel Mendonca
Colors by Maxflan Araujo
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Anthony Spay

TFOZ02_coverA TFOZ02_coverB TFOZ02_coverC TFOZ02_coverD London

Cover A by Marat Mychaels/Colors by Sanju Nivangune
Cover B by Stjepan Sejic
Cover C by Harvey Tolibao/Colors by Ivan Nunes
London Super Con Exclusive (Limited to 500) by Elias Chatzoudis

TFOZ02_page 1 TFOZ02_page 2 TFOZ02_page 3 TFOZ02_page 7


Grimm Fairy Tales 94 (Age of Darkness)

More and more Highborns seem to be appearing on Earth every day… and most of them are disappearing just as fast. Wherever they’re going and whatever is happening to them is being swept under the rug by the government and its special branch named HiboCorp that “deals with” these powerful beings.  As Sela investigates the disappearance of one of her students, she uncovers a sinister plot that goes deeper than she ever could have imagined.

Story by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco
Written by Dan Wickline
Artwork by Salvador Velazquez
Colors by Erick Arciniega
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

GFT94_coverA GFT94_coverB GFT94_coverC GFT94_coverD WW New Orleans GFT94_coverE WW New Orleans

Cover A by Renato Rei/Colors by Stephen Schaffer
Cover B by Steven Cummings/Colors by Ylenia Di Napoli
Cover C by Vincenzo Cucca/Colors by David Ocampo
Wizard New Orleans Exclusive (Limited 350 copies) by Franchesco!/Colors by Sabine Rich
Wizard New Orleans Exclusive (Limited to 75 copies) by Franchesco!

GFT94_page 4 GFT94_page 5 GFT94_page 6


Wonderland: Asylum 2

Separated from her mother, Violet Liddle journeys through Wonderland with the ferocious Dark Cheshire hot on her trail. Little does she know that she is about to uncover a dark secret that will rock the foundations of Wonderland and the Liddle family. Enter… the VOID!

Story by Pat Shand and Raven Gregory
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Tony Brescini and Elmer Cantada
Colors by Fran Gamboa/Flats by J.C. Ruiz
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

Asylum02_coverA Asylum02_coverB Asylum02_coverC

Cover A by Talent Caldwell
Cover B by Mike Lilly/Colors by Sanju Nivangune
Cover C by Ale Garza/Colors by Luis Guerrero

Asylum02_page 1 Asylum02_page 2-3 Asylum02_page 5


Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Trade Paperback

Zenescope Entertainment’s epic, fantasy-horror series continues with a brand new mind-bending installment.

The Liddle family has never been normal. Even before Alice would meet her future husband, Lewis, her mind was haunted by secrets of her dark past. Alice tried to live a normal life and raise a family with two beautiful children, Calie and Johnny. But it was only a matter of time before Alice’s past caught up with her. Upon learning that the nightmarish realm of Wonderland has been targeting her family through her mind, Alice sacrificed herself, finally ending the nightmare… Or so she thought.

After her mother’s suicide and the murder of her father at her brother’s hands, Calie Liddle sacrificed her brother, Johnny, to the realm of Wonderland. Now, Johnny – alone and scared – is trapped in the hellish landscape. What will become of him and what will become of the Liddle bloodline?

“Run out and pick up this mini-series.” –Comic Monsters
“Stellar” –Unleash the Fanboy


Story by Joe  Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Pat Shand, and Raven Gregory
Written by Pat Shand and Raven Gregory
Artwork by Alessandro Miracolo, Claudio Avella, Vincenzo Riccardi, and Joel Ojeda
Colors by Ben Sawyer
Edited by Ralph Tedesco and Nicole Glade
Art Direction by Anthony Spay
Trade Design by Christopher Cote
Cover by Vincenzo Cucca/Colors by Sean Ellery



Tales From Oz 2: Cowardly Lion, Grimm Fairy Tales 94 (Age of Darkness), Wonderland: Asylum 2, and Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass Trade Paperback on sale Wednesday (2/19/14) on shop.zenescope.com

Zenescope Previews: Robyn Hood One-Shot, Wonderland 20, Clash of Queens, No Tomorrow Trade Paperback

Robyn Hood One-Shot (Age of Darkness)
Robyn vs. Cindy

After the Sheriff of Nottingham murdered Robyn’s closest friend, Will Scarlet, Robyn was left broken and devastated. Soon after her defeat at the hands of the Sheriff, she was apprehended by the police, charged with murder, and imprisoned. However, a secret government agency called HiboCorp contracted Robyn to join their Realm Knights team in exchange for an official pardon. Robyn reluctantly joined the Knights, but will her new lease on life ease the pain of her loss?

Story by Pat Shand and Joe Brusha
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Larry Watts
Colors by Slamet Mujiono
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

RH_AOD_OneShot_cover A RH_AOD_OneShot_cover B RH_AOD_OneShot_cover C RH_AOD_OneShot_cover D RH_AOD_OneShot_cover E London RH_AOD_OneShot_cover F London

Cover A by Ken Lashley/Colors by Stephen Schaffer
Cover B by Mike Krome/Colors by Ula Mos
Cover C by Tina Valentino/Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti
Cover D by Pasquale Qualano/Colors by Alessia Nocera
London Super Con Exclusive (Limited to 500) by Mike DeBalfo/Colors by Ula Mos
London Super Con Exclusive (Limited to 250) by Mike Debalfo/Colors by Ula Mos

RH_AOD_OneShot_Page_1 RH_AOD_OneShot_Page_2 RH_AOD_OneShot_Page_3 RH_AOD_OneShot_Page_4


Wonderland: Clash of Queens 1 of 5 (Age of Darkness)

The Ebony Blade, otherwise known as the Death Blade, has been feared by the denizens of Wonderland since its creation. The legendary knife that killed the Jabberwocky has been missing from Wonderland… until now. Now that the blade has returned to the Realm of Dreams, the four Queens who lay claim to Wonderland—Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts—battle for control of the Blade and Wonderland itself.

Story by Raven Gregory and Joe Brusha
Written by Raven Gregory
Pencils by Manuel Preitano
Colors by Daniel Morales
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

Clash01_cover A Clash01_cover B Clash01_cover C Clash01_cover D Clash01_cover E DallasSciFi

Cover A by Anthony Spay/Colors by Ivan Nunes
Cover B by Alfredo Reyes/Colors by Vinicius Andrade
Cover C by Sean Chen/Colors by Sean Ellery
Connecting Cover D by Richard Ortiz/Colors by Ula Mos
Dallas SciFi Expo Exclusive Vincenzo Cucca/Colors by Sanju Nivangune

Clash01_p 2 Clash01_p 3 Clash01_p 4 Clash01_p 5


Wonderland 20

With Violet lost to the realm of Wonderland, Calie finds herself at death’s door as the Madder Hatter stands only moments away from snuffing out her life. But when Calie receives a visit from her dead mother, Alice, she will come to realize that some destinies cannot be escaped.

Written by Raven Gregory
Pencils by Abhishek Malsuni
Inks by Zsolt H. Garisa and Abhishek Malsuni
Colors by Neeraj Menon
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

WONDER020_cover A WONDER020_cover B WONDER020_cover C

Cover A by Chris Ehnot/Colors by David Delanty
Cover B by Vincenzo Federici/Colors by Sanju Nivangune
Cover C by Giuseppe Cafaro/Colors by Ruben Curto

WONDER020_page 3 WONDER020_page 4 WONDER020_page 5 WONDER020_page 9


No Tomorrow Trade Paperback

Death is a natural part of life, but what happens when it goes rogue? A new horror enters Zenescope’s Grimm Universe as Keres, the Goddess of Death, wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting Earth. Destroying almost everything in her path, Keres sets out to rid the world of humanity. And a regular family man named Patrick Clay just may be the only person who can stop her. When death arrives at your door, there is No Tomorrow.

“Horror comic fans will want to pick this one up.” – Comic Monsters
“I cannot give this story enough praise.” – Superhero Speak
“A really entertaining read.” – Comic Bastards

Story by Raven Gregory and Ralph Tedesco
Written by Raven Gregory
Artwork by Luca Claretti and JG Miranda
Colors by Liezl Buenaventura and Carlos Corea
Art Direction by Anthony Spay
Trade Design by Christopher Cote
Edited by Ralph Tedesco
Assistant Editor by Nicole Glade

Notomorrow_TPB_cover NoTomorrow_TPB_page 33 NoTomorrow_TPB_page 56 NoTomorrow_TPB_page 107


Robyn Hood One-Shot (Age of Darkness), Wonderland: Clash of Queens 1 of 5 (Age of Darkness), Wonderland 20, and No Tomorrow Trade Paperback on sale Wednesday (2/5/14) on shop.zenescope.com