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New Loyalty Program for 2014! We are happy to announce the Zenecope VIP Rewards Program for our loyal fans and collectors. VIP members are eligible for exclusive items and will have the ability to accumulate points from purchases redeemable for Zenescope merchandise.Print

Where do I start?

To join the VIP Program at the Bronze level, you must pay a $150 yearly membership fee. Ready? Go right HERE. International Members have an additional $10 shipping fee. This fee includes a lot of free merchandise, including a Free Birthday Exclusive drawn by Elias Chatzoudis. This exclusive is only available through the VIP Program and cannot be bought anywhere. GFT94_coverF VIP Birthday ExclusiveThe complete Bronze VIP Program Pack includes:

  • 2014 VIP Personalized Membership Card
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #94 – 2014 Birthday Exclusive by Elias Chatzoudis (only available to VIP members, not available for purchase anywhere!)
  • Bronze VIP Badge with Limited Edition Artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
  • Zenescope Lanyard
  • Discount on select show products

Once you are part of the program, you can start accumulating points for all purchases you make, 1 point for every $1 spent excluding shipping. You will receive points for every purchase made in 2014, even if the purchase was made before joining the VIP Program. The points can be redeemed for Zenescope merchandise – trades, gear, comics, exclusives, the chance to be drawn into a comic, and much more! A catalog will be released only to VIP Members with prizes that can be accumulated with their points.

Fans will be notified through the Zenescope VIP Newsletter what double point items will be available at conventions before the conventions start. We will also be offering double points for VIP members during Zenescope web store sales.

Once members accrue 5,000 points, they will reach Silver Level. Silver Level Members will receive:

  • Silver VIP Badge with Limited Edition Artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
  • Silver VIP Exclusive Art Print
  • Zenescope Draw String Bag

At 8,000 points, members will reach Gold Level. Gold Level Members will receive:

  • Gold VIP Badge with Limited Edition Artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
  • Gold VIP Exclusive Art Print
  • Gold Member VIP T-Shirt

Purchase your VIP Membership today on the Zenescope Web Store! Membership to the Zenescope VIP Program is limited to individuals only and is limited to one account per individual. A valid email address is required to register for the program. Please read the frequently asked questions below if you have questions about this program. If your question is still not answered, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to join the VIP program every year? Yes, the yearly membership fee is $150. As a VIP, you are eligible for exclusive items and point benefits redeemable for Zenescope merchandise.

What does the $150 membership fee include? You receive a VIP membership card, Zenescope Lanyard, Bronze Level Badge, Bronze Level Art Print, and Birthday Exclusive which is only available to VIP members and cannot be purchased. As a VIP member, you also begin accumulating points with every purchase made on the Zenescope web store and conventions redeemable for merchandise.

Does the art work change every year for the bronze, silver, and gold memberships? Yes, bronze, silver, and gold members will enjoy new, exclusive artwork each year.

What if my birthday already passed? You are still eligible for the exclusive, and will be sent after the membership fee is paid.

What can I redeem my points for? There will be a catalog with a list of items you can receive for points. We will be sending a catalog with available merchandise, when you sign up for membership.

Do purchases made at conventions accumulate VIP points? Yes, purchases made at conventions will count towards VIP points. Special discounts and other member benefits may apply at conventions.

Do purchases made at my local comic shop accumulate VIP points? No, VIP points only accumulate from purchases made on the Zenescope web store and at official Zenescope booths at conventions.

Do I get points for purchases made before joining the VIP program? Yes, any purchase(s) made beginning January 1, 2014 will count towards the VIP program.

Does the $150 spent on the membership fee count as points? Yes! So just by signing up for the VIP program, you already have 150 points!

How do I know how many points I have accumulated? Please email to find out your current point total. After your order is processed on the web store, you will receive an email with an updated point amount.

Do my points ever expire? Points expire by February 1st of the following year if you do not renew your membership. If you renew your membership each year, then your points never expire.

19 thoughts on “Zenescope VIP Program

  1. It sounds great but $150 is a bit steep to pay in one go, if I could pay monthly then indefinitely would join!

  2. Hmm if the shipping costs to the Netherlands werent so huge i would definitly join up,but since i live in the Netherlands and am not able to go to the conventions you attend,il pass.

  3. You have to be kidding me, lol. You want me to pay $150 dollars to get a rewards program that 99.9% of other companies give freely? I might have actually considered it for $50 bucks, but $150 bucks? Never in a million years and it has absolutely nothing to do with not being able to afford it. I make $150 purchases on ebay on a pretty much weekly basis. Its moves like that that make me stop buying from companies.

  4. Yeah, as some people have already said, it’s a steep price. Living in scotland, the shipping fees on top of the product price is just to expensive to justify purchasing from the zenescope store. As for conventions, they are few and far between over here. This offers no benefits to overseas fans, as much as I was tempted to go for it.

  5. I have been following Zenescope since Grimm Fairy Tales 1…
    But after all these years we now get more and more multiple limited covers that are only available at high $$$ prices.
    I can never get a full run. (That’s now only reserved for the rich). But this is another expensive add on pushing me even more in stopping to collect Zenescope. Grimm 100 will be my last!
    I know a company needs to make money, but you’ll be loosing people with stunts like this.

  6. we don’t really get very many conventions were i live so i wouldn’t get many points there and i mostly buy from comic book stores unless there is a variance cover i really like then i go to the web site so i really don’t see how people are to get lots of points built up with this.and the stuff you are offering with it is cool don’t get me wrong but its not worth 150 bucks. maybe if it was cheaper it would be different.

  7. Wow, they must be high at Zenescope or something, if they’re coming up with crazy ideas like $150 to join a rewards program, at the bottom rung. And all you’re going to get is a comic and a print, and if you spend enough MORE money, maybe some undisclosed rewards later? I love how you have to spend huge piles of money to get into the upper levels of the club, but they’re going to expire in a year, so you’ll be right back to buying another $150 Bronze membership a year later and starting from scratch. No thanks. I’d say “nice try”, but it’s not a nice try. It’s a deeply customer-insulting try. Customer loyalty rewards programs are about [ahem] rewarding customer loyalty. Simply being stupid and money-careless enough to buy into something this lame is not worth rewarding, and shows that Zenescope doesn’t really understand how customer loyalty works. Kind of a serious PR problem for a company in this industry. PS: This strongly reminds of me of casino rewards programs. Think about that for a minute, and what casinos really do, what weaknesses they prey on.

    1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the VIP was too expensive. If they would have thrown in free shipping, it may have been worth it. As it is now, I buy zenescope through amazon. The TPB’s are cheaper plus because I’m a prime member at amazon, I get free shipping. I saved a lot of money going through amazon instead.

  8. Well the price really isn’t the issue for me. I have no problem paying the $150.00 for the year but only because the points never expire as long as you renew on time. However I think the price should drop for renewal. Maybe $100 to renew would be better or even half price. But even though I’m fine with the price I would still never get this. I don’t get conventions close by and the only comics i order from this site is the ones i missed at my local shop. So from that it would take years to climb up the ranks. So the only way it would be worth it for me is if they found some way to get points from local shops. Make VIP cards with bar codes that the local shops can scan and add points maybe. I understand that your trying to boost online sales so maybe you make it so you get a percentage of for shopping online. You can even increase the percentage as your VIP status increases.
    Anyway as it is now I would have to pass. If you could tweak it a bit and make it either a little easier to get points or a little cheaper then i might be able to get on board. But as long as I have to battle those shipping cost it will be a hard sell.
    P.S. I have yet to find a story line in zenescope I don’t like and I read them all. Just wanted to tell everyone to keep up the good no scratch that FRIGGIN AWESOME WORK. lol

  9. I just wanted to share with Zenescope that this was actually the final straw for me. I am going back to focusing on Silver Age and Golden Age comics, with maybe a few bronze age thrown in for good measure. At least the large amounts of money spent on those books winds up being a great investment. I guarantee anyone who buys a Zenescope variant today, with a few exceptions, will be lucky if they get 25-50% of the value when they try and sell 3-5 years down the line. By that time, the market will be so flooded with Zenescope variants that it will be impossible even keeping track of all of them. I can guarantee with 100% certainty that the entire zenescope catalog will see a significant crash somewhere down the line. My money would be on it happening within the next 5-7 years. Books that were selling for 75+ will be lucky to sell for 15.

    Unfortunately Zenescope has become thier own worst enemy. They had a great idea in regards to the kinds of comics to focus on and they played that card perfectly. Beautiful covers really shot Zenescope to the top of this genre of the comic market. Unfortunately, they they just didn’t know when to say when. More and more titles, more and more variants, and ever increasing prices made it very clear, at least for me, that this company is about as greedy as they come. Well, I for one am done with it. They make good books, but they arent worth anywhere near the money they are asking these days. People that continue buying Zenescope comics at high prices are fools. At the end of the day, your going to lose and lose big. I am getting out while I can still get some of my money back. I might keep a few misc issues here and there and I will definitely keep my limited edition prints, but beyond that everything else is being listed on eBay as soon as possible. If I am lucky, I will probbaly get 60-70% of the money I spent back. I will probably lose 1500-2000 in the end, but I would rather lose that now and invest the money I get into comics worthy of that money than actually wait and see those loses grow substantially, which is exactly what would happen if I waited.

    Take my word for it, get out now while you still can as the Zenescope market is going to crash. It might take 3 years, 5 years or maybe if they are lucky, even as many as 7 years, but it will happen eventually. Its a statistical certainty at this point. There just aren’t enough collectors in this genre of the market to support this many variants and especially at these price levels. Even Marvel and DC are going to start running into problems with all of the variants they are releasing and that genre of the comic market is 20 times the size of this genre. Again, its a statistical certainty at this point and the higher the prices, the faster it will happen. My bet is we start to see prices crash in as little as 5 years.

    Thanks for the fun while it lasted Zenescope. You will be on your way down soon enough!

    1. I already think the market is crashing just by following certain variants on eBay and how long it takes to sell them at But It Now prices and what they sell for in auctions. You’re right, there are simply too many of them. I still buy the ones I like, but as cheap as I can get them. I’m in it for the art, not the investment. Your post did inspire me to put together an excel sheet of the ones that I own, what they retailed for and what I paid for them. Closing in on $2000 spent and $700 saved off retail price (about 150 variants). It’s ultimately up to the retailers. As with other publishers, once retailers stop buying dozens of standards to get “x” amount of variants, publishers will keep pumping them out. Luckily for me I’m patient, so I can usually can get a variant at about $6-$9 bucks off retail price just waiting until the initial rush dies down.

  10. So the problem herein lies that you have to pay to become a vip which isn’t a problem but all you get is a book, print and lanyard and a badge… but to upgrade to the next tier you have to spend $5k in 1 year? $8k for the highest tier? This isn’t the casino where you get comps and such for the money that you spend. I admit I collect the variant covers and spend quite a bit per year on Zenescope alone. But now I’m starting to want to focus away from modern books unless I get them at my LCS.
    Zenescope really needs to rethink this in the terms for the their customers and the appreciation for them not to gouge them for even more money for next to meaningless items.

  11. Zenescope has clearly become too greedy. Not only have they gone overboard with variants(like 3 or 4 for each issue) and upped their number of titles(now they produce in excess of 20 titles a month, and most of them are terrible) but the retailer I bought them from online can’t get them anymore because Zenescope has gone to some tier system wherein you must buy a large number of their variants every month to even qualify–and my retailer says that the number of variants each retailer would have to purchase would mean Zenescope is lying when they say a variant is limited to only 250 or 350 and probably even 500…(they are forcing each retailer to buy 10 copies of the limited to 500 for instance…and they clearly have more than 50 retailers they’re selling to, as well as selling them on Zenescope’s web site and at conventions).

    So it’s only a matter of time before this comes out that they’re lying about their limited print runs(the ones they claim only have a print run of 500 probably is closer to 1000, and the 250 and 350 are probably around 500-600).

    Forget this company. I’m going to find some other comics to spend my cash on.

  12. I for one love Zenescope books. I don’t think this VIP system makes any sense for any person to do unless they are an actual comic store, however it will not hinder me from buying zenescope books. I just won’t join the club, that’s all.

    As for the multitude of comments on their variant covers…some of us are willing to pay the price because we enjoy the cover art and are willing to pony up a few extra dollars for “risque” covers. I love that they are ballsy enough to do the covers they do. I think they need to add more nude covers. I love them personally. The human body used to be seen as art, and in art exhibits all around the world it is acceptable…with that in mind we should have more nude covers!

    Some of us are willing to pay the price…if you draw it we will…buy. <— see the almost pun there hahaha. I couldn't resist.

  13. I forgot I was still on your mailing list and out of curiosity I clicked the link … about a year ago I sold all of my Zenescope due to the prices getting ridiculous and all the gimmicky variant covers with their crazy prices and it would seem from reading many of these comments it was a wise idea to bail when I did – your own greed will be your downfall.
    $150 for Bronze level and what you offer is a bit insane … a membership card, a lanyard, a badge, a book … seriously why not toss in a Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring too? Have you really looked at the value of what you offer against what you charge? I see no value there, additionally one has to drop another $5000-$8000 a year to upgrade there membership? I hope that comes with a reach around. I personally don’t spend anywhere near that on comic a year better yet with one company.
    Best of luck you you I hope you find lots of sucker, I certainly won’t be one and based on the age of some of these comment and your lack of response I’d say you don’t care either.

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