Grimm Fairy Tale Flashback: Myths & Legends #25

by Dave Goodman

Grimm Fairy Tale Flashback is where we take a look into the truly massive archive of Zenescope Entertainment, pick a back issue and tell you why you should seek it out and read it. Think of us as your own personal highlight reel showing you the best of Zenescope over the years.

 If you are a regular reader of Zenescope’s Grimm Universe (and what self-respecting comic book fan wouldn’t be?) then you have probably noticed a subtle shift in the storytelling in their books over the last year or so. What began as a handful of titles with just the most tenuous of ties has become a tightly knit, single epic storyline being told with Grimm Fairy Tales at the center and various miniseries and one-shots spinning out from there. It has resulted in a more cohesive universe that is a lot of fun to follow and a blast to read each month.

And if we were to look back, we would see that this new style had it’s beginnings in the pages of Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends, specifically the final issue, #25.


Launched in 2011 as a companion title to Grimm Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends promised to revisit some of the characters from the time when Zenescope’s flagship book was an anthology style comic, telling a different story with each couple of issues. Arcs centered on Red Riding Hood, The Beast, the Little Mermaid and so forth.

But in truth, we soon discovered that there was a plan in place to tie all these disparate characters into one massive storyline, The Summoning, which closed out Myths & Legends over the series final four issues.

And it did not disappoint for spectacle or drama. The Summoning was filled with action, character development and the world changing, widescreen type of consequences that are normally reserved for summer crossover events and the like. Issue #25 in particular was quite a game changer, introducing the powerful Helios to the Grimm Universe and revealing the fact that the US Government was aware of Highborns and Falsebloods and what they planned to do to “handle” the situation.

In many ways, the final issue of Myths & Legends paved the way for what came next, including Unleashed, Realm Knights, the Age of Darkness, the forthcoming Grimm Fairy Tales #100 and the ominously titles Realm War maxi-series launching in July. Myths & Legends #25 completely changed the tone of the Grimm Universe, showing readers that Zenescope was not afraid to shake things up and that they had no interest in maintaining the status quo.

If you haven’t read The Summoning yet, I highly recommend you do. The entire arc is available on Comixology as well as in the pages of the fifth Myths & Legends trade paperback.

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