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Zenescope Previews: Grimm Fairy Tales 96

Grimm Fairy Tales 96 (Age of Darkness)

Fire And Ice

Sela and Baba Yaga are forced to put aside their differences and join forces against Koschei the Deathless. Will their combined power be enough to defeat this minion of the Dark Queen, or will both fall to an evil that feeds off of their attacks?

Story by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco
Written by Anthony Spay and Nicole Glade
Pencils by Sergio Osuna
Colors by Maxflan Araujo
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

GFT96_coverA GFT96_coverB GFT96_coverC GFT96_coverD

Cover A by Emilio Laiso/Mirka Andolfo
Cover B by Marat Mychaels/Sanju Nivangune
Cover C by Renato Rei/Stephen Schaffer
Salt Lake City Comic Con (Limited to 500) Abhishek Malsuni/Shashank Mishra
*Salt Lake City Comic Con (Limited 250 variant) Abhishek Malsuni/Shashank Mishra

GFT96_page2 GFT96_page3 GFT96_page4 GFT96_page5

Grimm Fairy Tales 96 (Age of Darkness) on sale Wednesday (4/2/14) on

Christopher Cote
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