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Zenescope Previews: Quest 5, Wonderland Clash of Queens 2, BAR Maid 4, Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 15, & Hit List Trade Paperback

Quest 5 of 5 (Age of Darkness)

As the opposing factions battling for Myst come into conflict, the fate of all of the realms hangs in the balance. Will Blake, Bolder, Druanna, and Aisling triumph, or is the dark future of Myst written in stone? The quest to save the Realms ends here as the Age of Darkness begins!

Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Raven Gregory, and Pat Shand
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Noah Salonga
Colors by Francesca Zambon
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

Quest05_coverA Quest05_coverB Quest05_coverC Quest05_coverD Wondercon

Cover A by Emilio Laiso
Cover B by Alfredo Reyes/Stephen Schaffer
Cover C by Jamie Tyndall/Ula Mos
Wondercon Exclusive (Limited to 350 copies) by Martin Abel

Quest05_page Quest05_page2 Quest05_page3 Quest05_page4


Wonderland: Clash of Queens 2 of 5 (Age of Darkness)

With the arrival of the Ebony Blade, the Queens of Wonderland have each sent their most powerful lieutenants to claim the mythic weapon for themselves. But even with their combined might, retrieving the blade proves more problematic than they thought when the cunning and deadly Trickster sets her sights on the weapon for herself.

Story by Raven Gregory and Joe Brusha
Written by Raven Gregory
Artwork by Manuel Preitano
Colors by Daniel Morales
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

Clash02_coverA Clash02_coverB Clash02_coverC Clash02_coverD Connecting Cover Clash02_coverE Calgary 500

Cover A by Drew Edward Johnson/Wes Hartman
Cover B by Sheldon Goh/Mirka Andolfo
Cover C by Johnny Desjardins/Sean Ellery
Connecting Cover D by Richard Ortiz/Ula Mos
Calgary Comic Expo Exclusive (Limited to 500 copies) by Jamie Tyndall/Ula Mos

Clash02_page Clash02_page2 Clash02_page3 Clash02_page4


B.A.R. Maid 4 of 5

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is revealed to be just the first offensive in a much grander plan. Cassidy leads the fractured remains of the rebels against their forces, but how can they stand up to a threat that is able to beat time itself?

Created by Clayburn Moore
Story by Joe Brusha and Clayburn Moore
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Jacob Bear
Colors by Jose Exposito and Rohvel Yumul
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

BARMaid04_coverA BARMaid04_coverB BARMaid04_coverC BARMaid04_coverD Retailer Exclusive BARMaid04_coverE MegaCon 500 BARMaid04_coverF MegaCon 100

Cover A by Billy Tucci/Ivan Nunes
Cover B by Pasquale Qualano/Wes Hartman
Cover C by Franchesco!
Retailer Exclusive (Limited to 500 copies) by Franchesco!
Megacon Exclusive (Limited to 500 copies) by Nei Ruffino

BARMaid04_page BARMaid04_page2 BARMaid04_page3 BARMaid04_page4


Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 15 Trade Paperback

Fairy Tales and fables have been passed down for generations throughout the history of mankind, but never has there been a re-imagining quite like this!

Sela Mathers has been easing back into her old routine. With a new teaching position and potential new love interest, all Sela needs now is to give her daughter some space and time in the hopes of getting her back into her life.

While some things are looking up for Sela, she knows better than most that her true calling of protecting Earth from evil will always get in the way of her happy ending. And the new threats that are forming around her are about to become more than she’s prepared to handle…

This compilation of Grimm Fairy Tales collects issues 89 through 93 of Zenescope Entertainment’s smash-hit comic book series!


Created by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco
Written by Joe Brusha, Troy Brownfield, and Dan Wickline
Artwork by Salvador Valezquez, Ricardo Osnaya, Jacob Bear, Francesco Gerbino, Elmer Cantada, Antonio Bifulco, and Sedat Oezgen
Colors by Erick Arciniega, Hedwin Jimenez Zaldivar, Stephen Schaffer, Omi Remalante, Roland Pilcz, and Mike Stefan
Art Direction by Anthony Spay
Trade Design by Stephen Schaffer and Christopher Cote
Trade Edited by Nicole Glade
Cover by Anthony Spay/Ivan Nunes

GFT_TPB15_page 26 GFT_TPB15_page 60 GFT_TPB15_page 76 GFT_TPB15_page 111 GFT_TPB15_page 112-113


Hit List Trade Paperback

As a young boy, Jordan Bale’s life was drastically affected by unthinkable violence few people can relate to. Driven by that anger, Bale grew to become one of the wealthiest businessmen in the country.

Now, a group of hired killers will be brought together to carry out Bale’s intricate plan for vengeance thirty years in the making… And it’s a plan that could very easily spiral out of control.

“An entertaining adventure that comes highly recommended.” –Unleash the Fanboy
“Another great series from Zenescope.” – PopCults
“Fun and entertaining.” – Adventures in Poor Taste
“Well-scripted.” – Comic Booked


Written by Ralph Tedesco
Artwork by Sami Kivela
Colors by Bryan Valenza and Stephen Schaffer
Trade Design by Stephen Schaffer and Christopher Cote
Edited by Ralph Tedesco
Assistant Edited by Nicole Glade
Cover by Harvey Tolibao/Ivan Nunes

HitList_TPB_page 5 HitList_TPB_page 30-31 HitList_TPB_page 57 HitList_TPB_page 79 HitList_TPB_page 119

Quest 5, Wonderland: Clash of Queens 2, B.A.R. Maid 4, Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 15, and Hit List Trade Paperback on sale Wednesday (3/26/14) on

Christopher Cote
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