Zenescope Previews: Robyn Hood Legend 2 & Ascension 3

Robyn Hood: Legend 2

Robyn has returned to Myst with a group of uneasy allies, but she finds the realm much different than when she left it. Nottingham is being lorded over by the villainous Sheriff, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to pierce his defenses. With nowhere else to look, Robyn turns to Avella for help… but will her old nemesis offer her answers, or a brand new problem?

Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Larry Watts
Colors by Slamet Mujiono
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

RH_Legend_02_coverA RH_Legend_02_coverB RH_Legend_02_coverC

Cover A by Emilio Laiso
Cover B by Stjepan Sejic
Cover C by Ivan Nunes

RH_Legend_02_page RH_Legend_02_page2 RH_Legend_02_page3 RH_Legend_02_page4


Ascension 3

Death has struck the Grimm Universe, and nothing will ever be the same. As the Being continues his culling, Sela and Van Helsing scramble to find a way to stop him and the new Keepers. Things go awry, though, when Jackie loses control of her powers and Julian reveals his true loyalties. A battle for the fate of the world is coming, and not everyone will make it out alive… when the Being ascends.

Story by Pat Shand, Raven Gregory, and Joe Brusha
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Butch Mapa
Colors by Nucera
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

Ascension03_coverA Ascension03_coverB Ascension03_coverC Ascension03_coverD Calgary 350

Cover A by Richard Ortiz/Alessia Nocera
Cover B by Eric J/Ylenia Di Napoli
Cover C by Giuseppe Cafaro/Simone Di Meo/Mirka Andolfo
Calgary Comic Con (LImited to 350 copies) by Dawn McTeigue/Ula Mos

Ascension03_3 Ascension03_5 Ascension03_9


Robyn Hood: Legend 2 and Ascension 3 on sale Wednesday (4/9/14) on shop.zenescope.com

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