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Zenescope Previews: Warlord of Oz #3, Grimm Tales of Terror #1, GFT vs Wonder #1, Realm War #1, Neverland AOD TPB, and Clash of Queens TPB

Warlord of Oz #3
The Excess of Sorrow

A secret evil plagues Oz. As its people scramble to fill the lands vacated by the evil witches, little do they realize that a sinister force is moving against them, destroying their villages and cities and making them slaves. Meanwhile, as Dorothy tries to piece together the events that have brought her back to Oz, she meets a new ally that may hold the key to her mysterious powers.

Story: Joe Brusha; Jeff Massey
Writer: Jeff Massey
Artwork: Miguel Mendonca
Colors: Grostieta
Letters: Jim Campbell
Editor: Nicole Glade

Warlord_Oz_03_cover A Warlord_Oz_03_cover B Warlord_Oz_03_cover C Warlord_Oz_03_cover D

Cover A – Ken Lashley/ Sean Ellery
Cover B – Richard Ortiz/ Sabine Rich
Cover C – Ale Garza/ Luis Guerrero
Cover D – Marat Mychaels/ Mikey Babinski/ Sanju Nivangune

Warlord_Oz_03_page Warlord_Oz_03_page2 Warlord_Oz_03_page3

Grimm Tales of Terror #1
The Tales We Tell

Zenescope goes back to its roots of horror as the publisher known for re-inventing classics delves into an entirely new bag of tricks. From Poe, to Lovecraft, to brnad new fables, these tales of terror are sure to creep you out in a whole new way!

Writer: Ralph Tedesco
Artwork: Antonio Bifulco
Colors: Marco Lesko
Letters: Jim Campbell
Editor: Nicole Glade

Grimm_TOT_01_cover A Grimm_TOT_01_cover B Grimm_TOT_01_cover C Grimm_TOT_01_cover D

Cover A: Richard Ortiz/ Alessia Nocera
Cover B: Steven Cummings/ Stephen Schaffer
Cover C: Wes Huffor/ Ylenia Di Napoli
Cover D: Drew Edward Johnson

Grimm_TOT_01_page 1 Grimm_TOT_01_page 2 Grimm_TOT_01_page 4 Grimm_TOT_01_page 5

Grimm Fairy Tales Vs Wonderland #1
Takes place between Wonderland #25 and #26.

After years of being terrorized by the evils of Wonderland, Calie Liddle has finally triumphed over the Realm of Dreams. However, in Wonderland, even the ultimate victory has a price. When she defeated the Queen of Spades, Calie became the White Queen of Wonderland… and now the realm that once existed to torment her family is in her care. With the White Rabbit and newly reformed Dark Cheshire by her side, Calie seeks to purify Wonderland.

But when Sela Mathers, the Guardian of the Nexus, finds out that the evils being purged from Wonderland are spilling over into Earth, the two most powerful women in the Grimm Universe will clash!

Story: Joe Brusha/ Ralph Tedesco/ Pat Shand
Writer: Troy Brownfield
Artwork: Luca Claretti
Colors: Leonardo Paciarotti
Letters: Jim Campbell
Editor: Pat Shand

GFTvsWL_01_cover A GFTvsWL_01_cover B GFTvsWL_01_cover C GFTvsWL_01_cover D

Cover A: Harvey Tolibao/ Ivan Nunes
Cover B: Drew Edward Johnson/ Wes Hartman
Cover C: Michael Dooney/ Ula Mos
Cover D: Emilio Laiso/ Sabine Rich

GFTvsWL_01_page 1 GFTvsWL_01_page 9 GFTvsWL_01_page 13


Realm War “Age of Darkness” #1

The four realms have fallen and an “Age of Darkness” has arrived. The Dark Queen begins her reign after merging the realms with earth. The survivors, still reeling from such a terrifying display of power, must band together in order to defeat her and restore order. But with several Realm Knights dead and the Grimm Universe thrown into chaos, can Sela and her remaining team stand against the Dark Queen and her army?

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Sami Kivela
Colors: Maxflan Araujo
Letters: Jim Campbell
Editor: Nicole Glade

RealmWar_01_cover A RealmWar_01_cover B RealmWar_01_cover C RealmWar_01_cover D RealmWar_01_cover E

Cover A: J. Scott Campbell/ Nei Ruffino
Cover B: David Finch/ Richard Friend/ Mohan Sivakami
Cover C: Sean Chen/ Wes Hartman
Cover D: Marat Mychaels/ Mikey Babinski/ Sanju Nivangune
Cover E: Anthony Spay/ Ivan Nunes

RealmWar_01_page 2 RealmWar_01_page 3 RealmWar_01_page 4 RealmWar_01_page 6


Neverland “Age of Darkness”
Trade Paperback

The secret government agency known as HiboCorp grows increasingly concerned with the activities of the Dark Horde. Not only has the Horde appropriated modern weaponry…but now they’re targeting Neverland.

Nathan Cross knows Neverland better than any man on Earth, and as part of HIboCorp’s elite Realm Knights team, he is called on to find out exactly what the Dark Horde is up to. It’s a mission that will reunite him with long lost friends, but one that will also send him back to the place where his nightmares reside.

“This title surprised me in being quite entertaining and providing a nice jumping on point for a new reader such asĀ myself.” – Adventures in Poor Taste
“This supernatural comic easily earns a recommendation.” – Unleash the Fanboy

Story: Joe Brusha
Writer: Dan Wickline
Artwork: Luca Claretti/ Ivan Nunes
Colors: Renato Guerra/ Maxflan Araujo
Letters: Jim Campbell
Art Director: Anthony Spay
Trade Design: Christopher Cote/ Stephan Schaffer
Editor: Nicole Glade


Cover: Anthony Spay/ Ivan Nunes

NeverlandAOD_TPB_page 16 NeverlandAOD_TPB_page 23 NeverlandAOD_TPB_page 30-31 NeverlandAOD_TPB_page 56-57

Wonderland: Clash of Queens “Age of Darkness”
Trade Paperback

Until now, the four Queens of Wonderland have co-existed, ruling their corners of Wonderland without challenge. But when the Ebony Blade – a weapon forged by Death itself – decends on their realm, they will be drawn into a conflict that plunges Wonderland into an Age of Darkness!

Vying for control of the Blade, each Queen schemes with an army at her disposal. But a wildcard named Trickster has her own plan, setting into motion a series of events that will culminate in all out war.

“A compelling narrative…highly recommended” – Unleash the Fanboy
“A really solid story…interesting and intriguing.” – Comic Frontline

Story: Joe Brusha/ Ralph Tedesco
Writer: Raven Gregory/ Troy Brownfield
Artwork: Manuel Preitano
Colors: Daniel Morales/ Ben Sawyer
Letters: Jim Campbell
Art Director: Anthony Spay
Trade Design: Christopher Cote/ Stephen Schaffer
Editor: Pat Shand


Cover: Anthony Spay/ Ivan Nunes

ClashofQueens_TPB_page 27 ClashofQueens_TPB_page 54 ClashofQueens_TPB_page 73 ClashofQueens_TPB_page50-51




8 thoughts on “Zenescope Previews: Warlord of Oz #3, Grimm Tales of Terror #1, GFT vs Wonder #1, Realm War #1, Neverland AOD TPB, and Clash of Queens TPB

  1. First: Hell yeah! on the crossover.
    Second: you ruined Warlord of Oz for me by killing off Dorothy in the One-Shot.
    Third: Why is Keres back? I thought she died and gave her power to that guy in No Tomorrow, which made no sense as a series, especially given her presence in Wonderland and her connection to the Ebony Blade for like ten panels ever. Unless someone like Shang or the Keepers (or the Dark Queen) gave her the Rip Van Winkle treatment (which reminds me–we haven’t seen Morrigan in awhile) and now she’s filling a Sela/Belinda type role for one side or the other. Or maybe I’m in spoiler territory?
    And finally: make up your mind whether you’re going to show/list variant exclusives or not. There are two Red Carpet covers for Realm War that appear on the summary page but are not listed or shown in this post, and one mentioned elsewhere online that is not even depicted in the issue (same goes for Tales Of Terror #1, GFT #100, Wonderland #25, and anything else I forgot to mention). Thank you.

  2. In Age of darkness, where’s Robyn? and why all theses deads? WTF really?
    and when do you release this issues? there is no date ^^

  3. To answer your question, Geeky, at some point between her AOD One-Shot and Realm War #1, she became the Child of Darkness (as hinted at in the end of her 1Shot). Robyn will be back in RW#2, and word is there will be a Robyn Ongoing in the near future that may take place between Legend and AOD.
    I agree, the deaths suck. But Sela and Venus didn’t stay dead (and apparently neither did Keres), so I’m looking forward to Phoenix, the daughter from The Juniper Tree, the Red Queen II, Rapunzel, Tiger Lily, and maybe Dorothy and a few others being written back from the grave. With all the realms smashed together on Earth, I get the feeling that all bets are off.

    1. Yep i saw for Robyn but… the ongoing is before AoD? Why? Why can’t we place the Ongoing serie directly after the event of AoD (like Calie and Violet for Wonderland after the issue #26)

      the chronology of GFT is a bit difficult. A lot of series are always BEFORE Aod. like Helsing, Hercule Payne.
      Even for Oz, there is the One Shot (75 years in the future) AND Warlord of Oz. or the Wonderland Universe. Return to wonderland (2007) is released before Alice in Wonderland (2012). Why can’t Zenescope publish all there stories in a nice order. We can’t understand Wonderland if we start in 2007. We must wait 4years to see why Alice is what she is…

      I think the reboot can be a nice idea… and pleaaaase don’t kill Red or i’ll scream so much….

  4. I thought Realm War was just going to end the AoD storyline while GFT 101, Robyn Hood Ongoing, and Wonderland 26 truck along with new storylines.

  5. I have no real details on Robyn’s Ongoing. I just know that the end of Legend (which was pre-AOD) sounded like a good jump-off point given what I read about the Ongoing, and it has to start before AOD because in Realm War #2, she’s supposed to be evil, and by definition, she can’t be a leading heroine if she’s evil (unless she’s one of Sela’s plants in the Horde and she’s somehow faking pure evil, which would be awesome). In any case, the great thing about ongoing series is that they don’t have to take place entirely before any given storyline event.
    Have patience, guys. Not every character can have the instant appeal that the Hood girls have. Return to Wonderland didn’t make any sense the first time I read it, but the more they expanded the Wonderland universe, the better it got. Now I love the series.
    I would like to see a return to the Flower Girls storyline after AOD, though, and I think Lori deserves more page time, too.

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