Zenescope Previews: Wonderland Omnibus

Wonderland Omnibus

When she was just a young girl, Alice Liddle found herself transported to a dangerous world known simply as “Wonderland.” After many frightening encounters there, she eventually found her way back home… but that was only the beginning.

Now a grown woman with a family of her own, Alice will come to the realization that her visit to Wonderland, one she tucked away in her mind as just a bad childhood dream, was very real. And the nightmarish realm is now after her teenage daughter.

This massive Omnibus collects the first six trade paperbacks of one of the most popular and groundbreaking independent comic books on shelves today. Zenescope Entertainment reinvents the classic Lewis Carroll story as a supernatural horror tale for an entirely new generation of readers!

It’s time to uncover the madness and learn just how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

“The writing is great, the vision of the story is amazing, the art is consistently high quality… it’s a great time to get pulled into one of the best comic series out there.” – Superatomica.com

Created by: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Raven Gregory
Art Director: Anthony Spay
Trade Design: Christopher Cote, Stephen Schaffer, and David Seidman
Editor: Ralph Tedesco
Assistant Editors: Pat Shand and Nicole Glade

This Omnibus reprints the comic series Grimm Fairy Tales presents: Return to Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, Escape From Wonderland, and Tales From Wonderland Volumes 1-3.


Cover Art by: J. Scott Campbell
Colors by: Nei Ruffino
Trade Design: Christopher Cote


Wonderland Omnibus on Sale Wednesday (7/30/14) at http://shop.zenescope.com


  • Miere

    I would like to see all the original queens come back in the wonderland ongoing. Because I would like to know who was the original queen of clubs and who was the original queen of spades. The void said that he had to reincarnate the queen if spades until he found someone truly evil so who was she original. A side question will the jungle book be involve in realm war?

    • http://itsjusttheticket.blogspot.com/ Sean Wilkinson

      I honestly didn’t think Adina (the most recent Queen of Diamonds) got enough pagetime as a human. They gave her a decent backstory, but then killed her off at the end of Looking Glass like she didn’t matter. I’d like to see the more innocent victims of Wonderland (like Adina, William–Suicide King, Elizabeth–Red Queen, Julie & Salome–Queen of Hearts II) be resurrected or purified by Calie and keep their Wonderland powers, but the residual energy (combined past incarnations of these characters, similar to the Madder Hatter’s collective history being stored in the hat) would seep out into Earth and cause major problems.
      And did I mention the Flower Girls’ story needs to continue? Or Lori? And the Lizard King hasn’t been seen for ten issues now. What’s up with that?

      • Miere

        Yeah julie and salome did have enough screen time and when they did show them they were the queen of spades puppet. We didn’t even see what julie could do as the queen of hearts. And I do love the flowers girls there like wonderlands version of mermaids.

  • Felix

    Hi! Will there be a hardcover version of this?