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Zenescope Previews: Goddess Inc #1 and Masumi #1

Goddess Inc #1 
Birth of Venus

For centuries, the Greek gods of myth and legend have been living amongst humanity. After years of fighting and scrambling for power, Zenus was able to unite his kin in peave… or so he thought.

Venus, who recently rose to prominence as a fashion mogul, wishes to return to the days when she was worshipped by humanity. As she sets out to recruit other gods and goddesses to join her, she’ll find that – while some share her thirst for dominance – others stand firmly against her. A war is brewing between the gods, and only the strongest will survive.

Writer: Latoya Morgan
Artwork: Manual Preitano
Colors: Erick Arciniega
Letters: Jim Campbell
Editor: Pat Shand

GoddessInc_01_coverA GoddessInc_01_coverB GoddessInc_01_coverC GoddessInc_01_coverD

Cover A – Mike S. Miller/ Mohan Sivakami
Cover B – Pasquale Qualano/ Mirka Andolfo
Cover C – Vincenzo Cucca/ Ylenia Di Napoli
Cover D – Franchesco!

GoddessInc_01_page 1 GoddessInc_01_page 4 GoddessInc_01_page 6

Masumi “Blades of Sin” #1

Masumi Yamomoto is a woman out of her time. After a battle against evil left her trapped in a hellish dimension for almost two hundred years, she returned to Earth and attempted to start a new life in a new world.

However, Masumi’s past eventually caught up to her, and the man she loved was killed by a powerful demon called Legion. Masumi defeated the demon, but at a cost – Legion is now trapped within her samurai swords, and she is bound by the laws of the Yamamoto clan to ensure that the evil spirit never escapes. This is her story…

Story: Pat Shand/ Joe Brusha/ Ralph Tedesco
Writer: Joe Tyler
Artwork: Sergio Osuna
Colors: Francesca Zambon
Letters: Jim Campbell
Editor: Pat Shand

Masumi_01_coverA Masumi_01_coverB Masumi_01_coverC Masumi_01_coverD

Cover A – Harvey Tolibao/ Ivan Nunes
Cover B – Marat Mychaels/ Simon Gough
Cover C – Jason Cardy
Cover D – Pasquale Qualano/ Devgear/ Alessia Nocera

Masumi_01_page Masumi_01_page2 Masumi_01_page3 Masumi_01_page4


Goddess Inc #1 and Masumi “Blades of Sin” #1 on sale Wednesday (08/06/14) at


4 thoughts on “Zenescope Previews: Goddess Inc #1 and Masumi #1

  1. Masumi is one of my favorite characters; right up there with Helsing and the Hood girls. About time we saw what happened after Ascension!
    As for Goddess, Inc: Why a Godstorm prequel? I like where the story is going. But I also already know where the story is going because the whole Angel/Godstorm thing started with Venus letting Ares out of the underworld. So, why?

    1. What do you think Cover B, C, D, etc, etc are? Hahaha! Those are variants to Cover A. A variant is simply an alternate design, to the original. Just because they don’t list covers given in conventions, or to retailers, doesn’t mean they didn’t list variants. You want those, open a shop, join VIP Members, or go to a show!

      1. I don’t expect to get any extra stuff for my digital editions for free. I just want the blog managers to make up their minds how the issue previews are displayed. If there are exclusives, be consistent from post to post about whether you show them or list them or not, OK?

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