Zenescope Previews: Grimm Tales of Terror #2 and Masumi #2

Grimm Tales of Terror #2
Web of Deceit

When a group of treasure hunters head to the Amazon to search for the priceless Spider Queen relic, they will find that their greed has put them in a horrifying predicament!

Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Shane McKenzie
Written by Shane McKenzie
Artwork by Przemyslaw Klosin
Colors by Fran Gamboa
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

GFT_TOT_02_cover A GFT_TOT_02_cover B GFT_TOT_02_cover C

Cover A – Abhishek Malsuni and Neeraj Menon
Cover B – Eric J and Sean Ellery
Cover C – Michael Dooney and Sanju Nivangune

GFT_TOT_02_page 3 GFT_TOT_02_page 6 GFT_TOT_02_page 12


Masumi “Blades of Sin” #2
Truth and Consequences

Dragged into conflict with a sect of the Yakuza that uses demonic possession as a means of warfare, Masumi must unleash a horrific power from within her blades to save her only remaining family. However, when Ryujin, a warrior called “The Dragon God” by his enemies, sets his sights on Masumi… Even her all-powerful blades will not be enough to defend her from his wrath.

Story by Pat Shand, Joe Brusha, and Ralph Tedesco
Written by Joe Tyler
Artwork by Sergio Osuna
Colors by Francesca Zambon
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

Masumi_02_cover A Masumi_02_cover B Masumi_02_cover C Masumi_02_cover D

Cover A – Harvey Tolibao and Ivan Nunes
Cover B – Marat Mychaels and Sanju Nivangune
Cover C – Jorge Pessanha
Cover D – Vincenzo Cucca and David OCampo

Masumi_02_page 1 Masumi_02_page 2 Masumi_02_page 4


Both Grimm Tales of Terror #2 and Masumi #2 will be on sale this Wednesday 09/03/2014 from http://shop.zenescope.com

  • http://itsjusttheticket.blogspot.com/ Sean Wilkinson

    I loved the first GTT, but between No Tomorrow (which made no sense and had a hero who couldn’t decide what his name was), Keres screwing around in Wonderland for a few panels, and the second GTT (which was a major letdown after the debut issue), I don’t really see where this is going yet. Get it on track!

    • Geeky

      hahah so true !!! Patrick Clay became Patrick Gale :’D

      • http://itsjusttheticket.blogspot.com/ Sean Wilkinson

        maybe they decided part-way through that they might want to do an Oz tie-in some day?

    • Pat

      No Tomorrow takes place in the far, far, far distant future!

      • http://itsjusttheticket.blogspot.com/ Sean Wilkinson

        So, I haven’t read any of the TPBs, but did the Clay/Gale confusion get cleared up in No Tomorrow, or are TPBs just straight reprints?
        Is there any relation between Dorothy and Patrick (if Gale is his official last name)?
        And is there any connection between No Tomorrow and the upcoming “Red World” issue of GTT?
        I’m suddenly intrigued and inspired to speculate in light of this new information (“far, far distant future”).

        • Pat

          The Clay/Gale error was cleared up in TPB, yep. There’s no connection between Patrick and Dorothy, nor any No Tomorrow character with any other established Grimm Universe character besides Keres.

          There will never be a connection between Grimm Tales of Terror and No Tomorrow. No Tomorrow was a complete, sort of “possible end of the world” story that’s so far in the future that we never really have to worry about building toward it.

          • http://itsjusttheticket.blogspot.com/ Sean Wilkinson

            *Sure* You say that now…. :)
            At least Keres showing up in Wonderland makes a smidge more sense with No Tomorrow not really being a factor. Reading comics that have two different time frames at the same time was confusing.
            Sorry to hear there aren’t plans to connect Dorothy and Patrick, though. Patrick’s “avoiding death” power could have easily been explained as some evolved genetic Highborn ability that he got from Dorothy’s “green magic” bloodline.
            Think about this…
            No Tomorrow Volume 2: New Death (picking up after Patrick inherits Keres’ powers)
            Deathmatch (Keres, Morrigan, & Hades are thrust into battle against one another by an unknown enemy)