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Zenescope Previews: Realm War #2, Inferno ROH #2, GFT #102, and Goddess Inc. #2

Realm War #2
Age of Darkness

Humanity is learning why she is called the Dark Queen. People are dying by the thousands, all for her pleasure. Meanwhile, the few humans and Realm Knights left to oppose her are scattered in the ruins of what was once New York City. But she will not rest until they are all dead or enslaved. And she has just the new weapon to aid her in her quest… the Child of Darkness.

Written by Joe Brusha
Artwork by Sami Kivela
Colors by Maxflan Araujo
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

RealmWar_02_coverARealmWar_02_coverB RealmWar_02_coverC RealmWar_02_coverD RealmWar_02_coverE

Connecting Cover A – J. Scott Campbell // Nei Ruffino
Cover B – Ken Lashley // Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Cover C – Eric Basaldua // Ivan Nunes
Cover D – Talent Caldwell // Victor Bartlett
Cover E –  Paolo Pantalena // Ula Mos

RealmWar_02_page 3 RealmWar_02_page 4 RealmWar_02_page 1

Inferno “Rings of Hell” #2 
Age of Darkness

Mercy has been thrown into the lowest circle of hell with Lucifer… and the only way these two former enemies will escape is to fully trust each other. As the Realm War wages on outside of the Inferno, Lucifer and Mercy battle through monsters, Demons, Harpies, and things horrible enough to rip a man’s sanity free of its holds. However, even if they do escape, who will save them from the wicked Dark Queen?

Story by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco
Written by Mike Wolfer
Artwork by Fernando Argosino
Colors by Claudinei Ribeiro
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

Inferno_ROH_02_coverA Inferno_ROH_02_coverB Inferno_ROH_02_coverC Inferno_ROH_02_coverD

Cover A – Daniel Leister // Wes Hartman
Cover B – Emilio Laiso
Cover C – Jason Cardy
Cover D – Age Valez

Inferno_ROH_02 Inferno_ROH_022 Inferno_ROH_023 Inferno_ROH_024

Grimm Fairy Tales #102
The Lamp

Sela and Belinda took a group of young Highborns under their wings, but what horrible prophecy will keep these promising teens from reaching their true potential? As a malicious genie moves in secret through the school, the deepest, darkest secrets of the students come to light!  A new era begins for Grimm Fairy Tales! With the four Realms of Power at Sela Mather’s fingertips, life as the guardian of Earth has never been more work. Jump on Now!

Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Pat Shand
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Andrea Meloni
Colors by Ivan Nunes
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

GFT102_coverAGFT102_coverB GFT102_coverC GFT102_coverD

Cover A – Sean Chen // Stephen Schaffer
Cover B – Alfredo Reyes // Alessia Nocera
Cover C – Jorge Pessanha
Cover D – Jenny Frison

GFT102 GFT1022 GFT1023 GFT1024

Goddess Inc. #2 
Venus Ascending

As Artemis investigates the murder of one of Venus Couture’s models, Venus continues her power play by seducing Apollo. Meanwhile, Zeus calls a meeting with his daughters, Athena and Artemis, to ready them for Venus’s sinister plan.

Written by LaToya Morgan
Artwork by Manuel Preitano
Colors by Erick Arciniega
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Pat Shand

GoddessInc_02_coverA 1GoddessInc_02_coverB 1 GoddessInc_02_coverC 1

Cover A  – Tina Valentino // Leonardo Paciarotti
Cover B – Pasquale Qualano // Ylenia Di Napoli
Cover C – Jose Luis // Wes Hartman

GoddessInc_02_page 3 GoddessInc_02_page 4 GoddessInc_02_page 7

Realm War #2, Inferno “Rings of Hell” #2, Grimm Fairy Tales #2, and Goddess Inc. #2 are all on sale this Wednesday 09/10/2014 from




6 thoughts on “Zenescope Previews: Realm War #2, Inferno ROH #2, GFT #102, and Goddess Inc. #2

  1. OK I just discovered a spoiler (a.k.a. a reason not to start reading GFT 101, etc.). The Dark Queen killed Druana, so that means one of any number of things:
    1) Druana came back from the dead some time between RW#2 and GFT#101
    2) Druana is dead and the other green-haired woman from the AOD Quest series took her place in GFT#101
    3) The green-haired mystery woman died in Druana’s place and we’ll never get to find out who she really is.
    4 & 5) Same as 2 & 3 but with the Goblin Queen (which would be cool but hard to explain away).
    6) Zenescope has killed off Druana and completely disregarded the mystery woman, and there’s another shapeshifter on the loose.
    Okay, so like only six things that I can think of so far. But I think option 2 or some combination of options 1 and 2 would make for a great storyline going forward.

  2. The action in Rings of Hell and Goddess, Inc. are as good as ever, if not better, although I’m still not sure where Goddess, Inc. fits into the Godstorm timeline. What really intrigues me is GFT 102. We get some back story on Ali that doesn’t necessarily discount my theory that he’s Belinda’s long-lost son. That exchange between him and the genie (“You mean you don’t want her back?” the genie says right before Belinda walks into the room–that can’t be a coincidence). And the twisted wishes, etc. (possibly super-knight Wulf, evil Skye, insane Violet, water-nymph Hailey, and two others that don’t yet make sense) that appear inside Skye’s nightmare can only be a set-up for something awesome.
    Oh, and let’s not forget about the big Druana question, either. Okay, Zenescope?

    1. On the CBR forum, Shand says Goddess Inc takes place long after the Realm War and is set at the same time of the current ongoings.

      1. If Goddess, Inc. takes place after the Realm War, how do you explain the Dark Queen having Zeus’ head on a pike in RW#2 and Brontios being alive in GI? Or Ares being trapped in the underworld like he was before the Angel One-Shot? Or Venus still running a modeling agency? I’m sorry, but GI has prequel written all over it.

        1. Goddess Inc is emphatically not a prequel. Trust me — I edit it! Keep reading Realm War and GFT for all of the god stuff to get caught up. For now, Goddess Inc and Realm War can be enjoyed independent of each other as individual stories.

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