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Zenescope Previews: Warlord of Oz #6, Realm War #4, and Robyn Hood Ongoing #3



Warlord of Oz #6 of 6 (FINAL ISSUE)
As the Air to a Bird

Dorothy’s control of the Green power of Oz allows her to heal others, even from the brink of death. Meanwhile, those enslaved by Warlord rise up in rebellion. Many lives are lost, including that of Thorne’s wife. But their sacifices may be in vain as Smynth betrays Dorothy in a ritual that revives her mother… the dreaded Zamora.
The fate of Oz hangs in the balance in this thrilling conclusion!

Story created by Joe Brusha
Written by Jeff Massey
Artwork by Miguel Mendonca
Colors by Grostieta
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

Warlord_Oz_06_coverAWarlord_Oz_06_coverB Warlord_Oz_06_coverC

Cover A by Jose Luis // Ula Mos
Cover B by Mike Krome // Wes Hartman
Cover C by Pasquale Qualano // Ylenia Di Napoli

*Not Pictured* Super Rare Variant Cover D by Jose Luis // Ula Mos

Warlord_Oz_06_page2 Warlord_Oz_06_page3 Warlord_Oz_06_page4 Warlord_Oz_06_page


Realm War #4
Age of Darkness

Confident in her victory, the Dark Queen sends her army of Blood Knights to attack New York City. Unbeknownst to her, Venus and Pan continue plotting with Hercules, who is under Venus’s spell. And the remainder of the Horde deals a lethal blow to Sela’s plan when Robyn fatally wounds Vaughan. What hope of recovery does Sela have?

Written by Joe Brusha
Artwork by Sami Kivela
Colors by Maxflan Araujo
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade

RealmWar_04_coverARealmWar_04_coverB RealmWar_04_coverC RealmWar_04_coverD

Cover A by Harvey Tolibao // Ivan Nunes
Cover B by Ken Lashley // Ivan Nunes
Cover C by Tina Valentino // Leonardo Paciarotti
Cover D by Marat Mychaels // Jacob Bear // Sanju Ninvangune

*Not Pictured* 2014 Comikaze Exclusive (500) Cover E – Elias Chatzoudis
*Not Pictured* 2014 Comikaze Exclusive (250) Cover F – Elias Chatzoudis

RealmWar_04_page 4 RealmWar_04_page 5 RealmWar_04_page 3

Robyn Hood Ongoing #3

Robyn and Marian’s investigations have led them to a powerful socerer masquerading as a priest. Though the priest’s endgame is unclear, he has been attempting to harvest the souls of a coven of young witches, and Robyn has been hired to stop him before he completes his dark ritual.
With a pinpoint on his location, Robyn teams up with Peter, a mysterious man who seems to know more about the priest than he’s letting on.
The first arc to the brand new Robyn Hood Ongoing series concludes now!

Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Claudia Balboni
Colors by Slamet Mujiono
Letters by Jim Campbell

RH_Ongoing_03_coverA RH_Ongoing_03_coverBRH_Ongoing_03_coverC

Cover A by Richard Ortiz // Ylenia Di Napoli
Cover B by Giuseppe Cafaro // Simone Di Meo // Ylenia Di Napoli
Cover C by Talent Caldwell // David Delanty

*Not Pictured* Retailer Incentive Cover D by Elias Chatzoudis

RH_Ongoing_03_page RH_Ongoing_03_page3 RH_Ongoing_03_page2

All Rights Reserved. (c) 2014 Zenescope Entertainment.
Warlord of Oz #6, Realm War #4, and Robyn Hood Ongoing #3, all hit shelves Wednesday (10/29/14). Pick up these titles at your local comic book store, to find one click here: or Find them on our website at:


5 thoughts on “Zenescope Previews: Warlord of Oz #6, Realm War #4, and Robyn Hood Ongoing #3

  1. OK, so please tell me there’s another Oz series coming. Because you need to fill in everything between evil Dorothy and the imprisonment of the Warlord. And speaking of Warlord, I got the impression at the end of the Dream Eater saga (slightly reinforced by subtle hints in the Giant Size Quest prequel) that Thane releasing the Dream Eater somehow set in motion that he would one day become Warlord. But by the Oz timeline (taking the AOD One-Shot into account), current events take place at least seventy years after the events of the two Oz minis. Is this a different-realm-relative-time thing or am I totally wrong?

    And does the beginning of the Robyn ongoing take place immediately after Legend, or is the whole series set after Realm War, after Robyn (presumably) gets freed from the Dark Queen?
    Seeing Calie at the Queen’s party was a nice touch. I was wondering when you’d get around to doing something with the deal she made in the One-Shot.

        1. Yeah, this.

          Robyn Hood: The Ongoing Series takes place a good while after Legend, and definitely after Realm War.

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