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The Zenescope VIP Loyalty Program is BACK!


We are happy to announce, the Zenescope VIP Rewards Program is back for 2015!
Become a 2015 Bronze VIP Member for only $99!


The 2015 Bronze VIP Program Starter Pack includes:

  • 2015 VIP Personalized Membership Card
  • Bronze VIP Badge & Zenescope Lanyard
  • Bronze VIP Exclusive Art Print
  • Bronze VIP Exclusive Limited Edition Cover
    *Artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
  • Year 10 Exclusive (to be announce later this Spring!)

    Once you are part of the program, you can start accumulating points for all purchases you make, 1 point for every $1 spent excluding shipping. You will receive points for every purchase made in 2015, even if the purchase was made before joining the VIP Program.

    The points can be redeemed for Zenescope merchandise – trades, gear, comics, exclusives, the chance to be drawn into a comic, and much more! A catalog will be released only to VIP Members with prizes that can be accumulated with their points.

    As a VIP Rewards Member, you can expect the following:

    • “First Friday” deals
      • One major VIP ONLY deal the first weekend of every month
    • Show exclusives
      • First access to select show exclusives
    • YEAR10 Anniversary Specials
      • Offers throughout 2015, celebrating Zenescope’s Year10 Anniversary
    • Access to out of print and archive items
    • More frequent updates to the product redemption catalog

Thank you to all of our fans who participated in the 2014 Zenescope VIP Loyalty program! We have listened to your feedback and feedback from non-members alike and hope the changes that we have implemented reflect this. We have seen tremendous growth with our loyalty program, and looking at new initiatives including additional areas of point accumulation to make it even better.

Here’s to a great 2015, and not only do we want to be the best Indie Publisher, but also provide a great loyalty program worthy of the best fans in the world!

For more information about the VIP Program please email

One thought on “The Zenescope VIP Loyalty Program is BACK!

  1. Just wanted to say how much I miss the issue previews. I haven’t seen one up in over two weeks now.
    The new Jungle Book seems to have a good story lined up, with the “God of Fear and Fire” (Dewan’s father?) looking for the lost man-cubs, Baloo trying to keep the bada dar at bay, and the usual animal war tension working its paces. Even with my disappointment surrounding the lack of connection with Wonderland’s “Renaissance” arc (which was still nicely played out), I’m looking forward to seeing how the JB trilogy finishes up.
    Speaking of Wonderland, it was nice to finally see how we get from GFT/WL to WL to post-AOD GFT where Violet is a student at Arcane Acre.
    So much good stuff going on, only six issues and two holiday specials into GFT. Skye relies too heavily on the Shadowlands side of her powers, Hailey has siren abilities even though she’s a nymph, I still think Ali is Belinda’s son, Violet does whatever the hell she wants, Wulf may be the first to turn evil, Sela and Druanna are keeping secrets from everyone, Krampus wants to kill Skye, and an unknown outside player made a move against the students on Halloween.
    The new round of Tales from Oz is miles ahead of V1. Seeing how Zamora first turned evil and how Adraste became Glinda’s apprentice (an issue set early on in Warlord of Oz that tells its main story in flashback) was so much richer content than what was in the first three Tales. I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out with Dorothy in the upcoming third Oz series.
    Robyn and Red: perfect storm of awesomeness every time.
    Venus potentially teaming up with Keres: sooo much potential awesomeness there.
    Cinderella: sure, Hades died. But he got his pound of flesh from Replic and traded some well-written banter with Cindy and the Horde. And he came back in GI, so I’m happy. Making Cindy the new queen of the Inferno was hilarious. I don’t know who’s really being punished there; Cindy or her new subjects. :P
    Bring on the White Queen and the Little Mermaid!

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