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Featured Artist of the Week: Mike DeBalfo


Mike DeBalfo | Cover Artist
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ZE: How long have you been working in comics?
MD: Just started on my sixth year.

ZE: What age did you realize you wanted to be an artist as a career?
MD: Pretty young, but it was maybe around twelve-years-old or so when I started pursuing the idea seriously. I remember all my of guidance counselors were like, “What the f–k is a ‘Penciller’?”

ZE: Who has most inspired you in your art career?
MD: My kids. I credit my daughters for giving me the discipline needed to make the leaps that I have.

ZE: What artist has most inspired you?
MD: I’d have to say Kevin Eastman. His creation is what first got me into comics as a kid. And even with his level of success, Kevin still shows a deep respect and devotion to his army of fans.

ZE: What would the title of your autobiography be?
MD: Beautiful Disaster.

ZE: What actor would play you in a movie?
MD: Everyone already knows: Fabio.

ZE: What is the best compliment you ever received?
MD: A girl once told me that I draw the best boobs ever.

ZE: If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
MD: Pizza from any place named “Mario’s Pizza” in New York City.

ZE: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?
MD: Oh, man… Right now I have it pretty bad for Nina Dobrev.

ZE: What is your favorite band of all time?
MD: I’d have to go with Metallica, and Pantera is a very close second.

ZE: Who is your favorite solo act of all time?
MD: Michael Jackson. No one else compares.

ZE: What Comic Con do you most enjoy traveling to?
MD: C2E2 because I really like Chicago. …When it’s not covered in snow, of course.

ZE: You can pick any 3 FAMOUS people to have dinner with, living or dead, who do you choose?
MD: Andrew Jackson, Robin Williams, and Axl Rose (if he decides to show up).

ZE: Do you workout? If so, what is your favorite workout routine?
MD: Girly push-ups.

ZE: What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?
MD: I like sleep. I miss sleep.

ZE: Who is your favorite comic book character of all time?
MD: Magneto because he’s so faithful to his cause. Technically he’s a villain, but he mostly wants what’s best for his species. Considering his childhood and what humans did to his family, it’s hard to argue with the guy. Plus, he has the best power ever conceived.

ZE: who is your favorite Zenescope comic book character to draw or color?
MD: I still have a soft spot for Cinderella.


ZE: You can choose any one super power. What is it? Why?
MD: I’d have Magneto’s powers because there’s virtually no limits to what you can do with that. Even do like Magneto and create a little magnetic force around myself and fly through outer space. Build a nice little home on an asteroid.

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