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Featured Artist of the Week: Sabine Rich

GFTHoliday2014_cover A

Sabine Rich | Cover Artist/Colorist
[SNEAK PEEK at Sabine’s upcoming Realm War #10 cover at the end of the interview!]

ZE: How long have you been working in comics?
SR: Started in 2012 so it’s been 3 years.

ZE: What age did you realize you wanted to be an artist as a career?
SR: 14 years old.

ZE:Who has most inspired you in your art career?
SR: Truthfully I fell in love with art from watching cartoons, so I have to say Disney cartoons have inspired me the most. I didn’t really grow up with comic books, but I was fascinated by how art was animated and how you could bring something to life with art. So it definitely made me fall in love with art.

ZE: What artist has most inspired you?
SR: I wish I had one… but truthfully there have been too many and there are more artists everywhere and the art I see every day throughout my life that have inspired me to keep wanting to draw more and get better and also make me keep falling in love with this form of creating.

ZE: What would I find in your fridge right now?
SR: Milk, orange juice, kombucha, pate, cheese, butter, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, pumpkin, mushrooms, eggs, pickles, condiments, peanut butter, thai curry paste, and some leftovers.

ZE: What’s your favorite movie all time if you had to pick one?
SR: That’s really hard to pick one for all time! But I will go with Pirates of the Caribean, as that always makes me happy when I watch it. Yo ho and a bottle of rum! :D

ZE: What actor would play you in a movie?
SR: I’d go with Eva Green. She’s French :) and is the same age as me and I’ve been told I look a lot like her. Of course, only drawback is she is quite a bit taller than me… but I guess you can’t have everything :P

ZE: What’s your craziest convention story?
SR: Well it’s not that crazy but only my second time at a convention I completely lost my voice by the first day and had to do a 3 day show with no voice, and it took me a whole week to get my voice back after that. Definitely don’t want that to happen again.  Everyone was very nice to me while I was trying to explain the books we were selling without a voice… was pretty funny at times.

ZE: If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
SR: Man that is soo hard to pick, but I do really like Thai curry, green, red, and yellow. So I’ll go with that.

ZE: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?
SR: Right now I do have a bit of a  crush on the actor, Travis Fimmel, who plays Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings. I’m so enjoying that series!

ZE: What Comic Con do you most enjoy traveling to?
SR: I do really like NYCC. It’s a long show and usually really exhausting, but it’s got great energy and plenty of amazing artists that it’s always great to go and admire as well. The city is also very interesting to visit and being a European I feel more at home in a city where you can walk and take public transport and get around easily.

ZE: Do you workout? If so, what is your favorite workout routine?
SR: My workout routine is that every time I get up from my desk throughout the day, for whatever reason. I do some form of exercise. I have a kettlebell so I do squats and arm exercises and I generally try and combine an exercise to work out as many parts of the body in one go. So I do that throughout the day. Keeps my body active throughout the day which I read is important for someone who has a desk job.

ZE: What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?
SR: Sports… though it’s always hard to find the time… but it really is something that makes me super happy when I can be outside doing something sporty!

ZE: Who is your favorite Zenescope comic book character to draw or color?
SR: So far I really like drawing and coloring the White Queen.

WhiteQueen_AOD_02_cover B
[White Queen #2 – Cover B by Sabine]

ZE: You can choose any one super power. What is it? Why?
SR: I would like to control time… :) and have the ability to travel back and forth. The reason is there never seems to be enough time… and there are always those moments one wishes they could relive. Anyway I think it would be pretty cool :)

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SNEAK PEEK: Realm War #10 Cover by Sabine available this May!

Realm war#10_sabine rich_colors.jpg

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