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Zenescope New Releases | April 8th 2015

Grimm Fairy Tales #109 
Beowulf | Part One

Wulf’s reckless reaction to gossip earns him an expulsion from Arcane Acre. Now, he finds himself a student of the more strict Abraxas Academy. He seems to adjust well enough, but an ancient evil stirs and threatens to drastically change Wulf’s life once again.


Written by Pat Shand | Artwork by David Lorenzo Riveiro & Ryan Best | Colors by Renato Guerra & Viviane Tybusch | Letters by Ghost Glyph Studios | Edited by Nicole Glade

GFT109_cover AGFT109_cover B GFT109_cover C

Cover A by Pasquale Qualano | Devgear | Sean Ellery
Cover B by Meguro
Cover C by Alex Kotkin | Devgear | Sean Ellery

GFT109_cover D

Cover D by David Nakayama *YEAR10 Anniversary Variant Cover (Limited to 200)

GFT109_cover E

Cover E by Mike DeBalfo *Fan Expo Vancouver Variant Cover (Limited to 350)


White Queen: Age of Darkness #3
As Summers Die

Calie, sick of the Dark Queen’s malicious orders, consults the spirits of Wonderland. With their help, she learns why the Dark Queen cannot rule Wonderland herself and how to exploit that weakness. However, it seems one more obstacle stands between Calie and freedom… the cunning Trickster.

WhiteQueen_AOD_03_page1WhiteQueen_AOD_03_page2  WhiteQueen_AOD_03_page3

Written by Troy Brownfield | Artwork by Luca Claretti | Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti | Letters by Charles Pritchett | Edited by Nicole Glade

WhiteQueen_AOD_03_cover AWhiteQueen_AOD_03_cover B WhiteQueen_AOD_03_cover C

Cover A by Harvey Tolibao | Sanju Nivangune
Cover B by Giuseppe Cafaro | Simone Di Meo | Ylenia Di Napoli
Cover C by Paolo Pantalena | Ula Mos

WhiteQueen_AOD_03_cover D

Cover D by Paul Green | Ula Mos *2015 C2E2 Exclusive Cover (Limited to 500)
Cover E by Paul Green | Ula Mos *2015 C2E2 [Naughty] Exclusive Cover (Limited to 100)

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Grimm Fairy Tales and White Queen are both available 4/8/2015. Order online at



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