Zenescope New Releases | May 27th

Grimm Tales of Terror #11
The Doctor’s Garden

A botany student visits the in-home laboratory of a scientist, Dr. Rappaccini, who is known for his experiments with plants. During the student’s visit, he finds himself almost drawn to Rappaccini’s daughter. But is the temptation worth the consequences?

GFT_TOT_11 page 2 GFT_TOT_11 page 4 GFT_TOT_11 page 6

Written by Steve Yockey | Artwork by Vincenzo Riccardi | Colors by Fran Gamboa | Letters by Fabio Amelia | Edited by Nicole Glade

GFT_TOT_11_cover AGFT_TOT_11_cover B GFT_TOT_11_cover C

Cover A by Antonio Bifulco | Victor Bartlett
Cover B by Abhishek Malsuni | Shashank Mishra
Cover C by Eric J | Jeff Balke

GFT_TOT_11_cover D

Cover D – 2015 Denver Comic Con Exclusive (limited to 500) by Jason Cardy


Snow White 10th Anniversary one-shot

The first of six special 2015 Zenescope 10th Anniversary one-shots is here. The story of Snow White is told in Zenescope’s horror-filled re-imagining of a classic! As Sela Mathers, AKA Snow White, meets the seven dwarves, a child’s fairy tale becomes a nightmare!

Snow White Year10 page 2 Snow White Year10 page 3 Snow White Year10 page 12

Written by Lou Iovino | Artwork by Manuel Preitano | Colors by Viviane Tybusch | Letters by Saida Temofonte | Edited by Nicole Glade

SWYear10_cover A SWYear10_cover B SWYear10_cover C

Cover A by Ken Lashley | Sabine Rich
Cover B by Dheeraj Verma | David Delanty
Cover C by Franchesco!

SWYear10_cover D

Cover D – 2015 Phoenix Comic Con Exclusive (limited to 250) by Elias Chatzoudis


Age of Darkness Volume 5 Trade Paperback

The Dark Queen has risen and she plans to lead the Dark Horde into war against those sworn to protect Earth. With a brilliant and manipulative plot to take control of the Nexus and the four realms of power that surround it, the queen is quickly gaining the ability to defeat almost anyone who stands in her way. And while humanity still has hope in the form of Sela Mathers and the Realm Knights, other unlikely heroes must join them before the Dark Queen becomes too powerful to stop.

This trade paperback collects the following: Grimm Fairy Tales presents: Inferno: Rings of Hell, Cinderella: Age of Darkness, and White Queen: Age of Darkness.

AOD_05_TPB_page 4-5 AOD_05_TPB_page 8 AOD_05_TPB_page 92 AOD_05_TPB_page 203


Written by Mike Wolfer | Pat Shand | Troy Brownfield
Artwork by Fernando Argosino | Ryan Best | Luca Claretti
Colors by Bryan Valenza & Claudinei Ribeiro | Renato Guerra & Thiago dal Bello | Leonardo Paciarotti
Letters by Jim Campbell | Micah Myers | Charles Pritchett
Edited by Nicole Glade


Cover by Sean Chen | Stephen Schaffer




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