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Zenescope to Celebrate 10th Anniversary at Wizard World Philadelphia

Ever since Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha, co-founders of Horsham-based Zenescope, attended their first convention at Wizard World Philly Con 2005, the company has done nothing but grow.

The company that had “only two measly comic books to display,” in Tedesco’s words, is now one of the top 10 comic book publishers in the world and has been for some time.

“It means a lot to celebrate our 10th year in our hometown,” Tedesco said. “Everything about Philly is special. It’s my hometown and I think most Philadelphians carry a lot of pride in their city.”

Tedesco said that it is a good feeling to have grown to be one of the top comic book publishers – and a bit surreal.

“It’s strange knowing where we came from and that we never set out to be comic book publishers prior to actually doing it,” he said. “We [Brusha and he] were writers and we needed a way to get our stories told. It seemed like the best way to do it was to do it ourselves.”

Besides hitting its 10th anniversary mark, Zenescope reached another milestone recently when its flagship title, “Grimm Fairy Tales,” achieved a feat few comics – let alone independents – ever reach with its 100th continuously published issue of that title.

“Hitting 100 issues is amazing, but it’s never been something where Joe or I stopped to smell the roses, so to speak,” Tedesco said. “I think our friends, family, and fans have been very supportive about that milestone, but Joe and I aren’t very good with taking praise sometimes, and I think we need to be reminded by our loved ones to sometimes take a moment and soak it in.”

Tedesco said that coming up with new characters and ideas for the company comes naturally.

“It’s all organic. It’s just a lot of brainstorming sessions and bouncing ideas off one another,” he said, adding that he’s happy with their unique spin on “Robyn Hood” and new series “Aliens vs. Zombies” and “Coven,” coming in July.

” ‘Aliens vs. Zombies’ is a series that Joe and I are writing and it’s as fun as it sounds,” Tedesco said. “We wanted to do something that was just fun and action-packed, and so we took two different genres and melded them together. The result is a mix of sci-fi, action, horror, and tongue-in-cheek humor.”

Most important, Tedesco says the possibility of at least one of the Zenescope properties becoming a film or TV show in the near future has a strong chance of becoming a reality.

“There is a big announcement coming soon that I wish I could tell you [all] about now… but it has to wait a few more weeks.”

In other words, Zenescope may just be getting warmed up.



Coming to Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend? Stop by booth 501 to pick up these convention exclusives!

GFT110_cover D
GFT #110 – Cover D – Limited to 500 Copies – Art by Eric “Ebas” Basaldua
**Naughty Variant – Cover E – Limited to 100 Copies – Art by Ebas**

OZ_ROTWQ_01_cover G
Oz: Reign of the Witch Queen #1 – Cover G – Limited to 350 Copies – Art by Paul Green

RealmWar_09_cover E
GFT Realm War #9 – Cover E – Limited to 250 Copies – Art by Elias Chatzoudis
**Naughty Variant – Cover F – Limited to 50 Copies – Art by Elias Chatzoudis**

Warlord of Oz Hardcover – Limited to 200 Copies – Art by Jose Luis

Several YEAR 10 Anniversary Exclusives will also be available this weekend:

RH_Ongoing_09_cover D
Robyn Hood Ongoing #9 – Cover D – YEAR 10 Photo Shoot Exclusive – Limited to 350 Copies – Art by Elias Chatzoudis

WONDER034_cover D
Wonderland #34 – Cover D – YEAR 10 Photo Shoot Exclusive – Limited to 350 Copies – Art by David Nakayama

GFT109_cover D
GFT #109 – Cover E – YEAR 10 Anniversary Exclusive – Limited to 200 Copies – Art by David Nakayama

RealmWar06_coverF Year10_RRH_Exclusive
GFT Realm War #6 – Cover F – YEAR 10 Anniversary Exclusive – Limited to 200 Copies – Art by Lucio Parrillo

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