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Zenescope New Releases | June 10th

Robyn Hood Ongoing #11
Robyn and Marian Go to Comic Con

After surviving an encounter with the Cabal, Robyn and Marian continue daily operations at Nottingham Investigations. However, with a lawsuit pending, the pair must take on increasingly strange cases to keep their heads above water. Meanwhile, the Cabal has captured Peter Martin, who seems to have a mysterious connection with Brendan A. Allen II, the leader’s son.

RH_Ongoing11_page 2 RH_Ongoing11_page 3 RH_Ongoing11_page 10

Written by Pat Shand | Artwork by Roberta Ingranata | Colors by Slamet Mujiono | Letters by Jim Campbell

RH_Ongoing11_cover A RH_Ongoing11_cover B RH_Ongoing11_cover C

Cover A by Mike Lilly | Devgear | Brett Smith
Cover B by Mike S. Miller | Wes Hartman
Cover C by Ted Hammond

Charmed: Season 10 #9
Haste Makes Wasteland

A strange, mystical disturbance has been causing both physical and psychological harm to the Charmed Ones whenever they are near Prue. Even a phone conversation with their estranged sister sends Phoebe to the hospital. As Prue prepares to resurrect a powerful demon for answers, the remaining Halliwells look to their past to find out if they’re asking the right question.

Charmed_Ten_09_page 1 Charmed_Ten_09_page 3 Charmed_Ten_09_page 4


Written by Pat Shand | Artwork by Eliza Feliz | Colors by Valentina Cuomo | Letters by Christy Sawyer

Charmed_Ten_09_cover A

Cover A by David Seidman

Jungle Book: Volume 3
Fall of the Wild

The final installment of the Jungle Book trilogy has arrived!

The animal tribes of Kipling Isle have waged war against one another on and off for years. While some tribes pushed for peace, now even those are dragged into the melee and their violence threatens to tear the very island apart.

As each tribe makes a power play to become stronger in the war between species, Mowglii stands at the center of it all and she’s the one person who may be able to bring them all against a greater threat. But first, she must find a way to unite the tribes.

JB_FOTW_TPB_page 5 JB_FOTW_TPB_page 13 JB_FOTW_TPB_page 31 JB_FOTW_TPB_page 82 JB_FOTW_TPB_page 109

Written by Mark L. Miller | Artwork by Michele Bandini & Luca Claretti | Colors by GROSTIETA | Letters by Matt Krotzer | Edited by Nicole Glade | Trade Design by Christopher Cote



Cover by David Finch | Ivan Nunes

Christopher Cote
<p>Art Director of Zenescope Entertainment</p>
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