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Zenescope New Releases | June 3rd

Oz: Reign of the Witch Queen #2

Dorothy, now wielding the Ruby Staff, returns to the Emerald City as a hero. Meanwhile, Zamora and Warlord waste no time in planning their next move in a bid to rule Oz. With Dorothy’s mentor, Smynth, marked as a traitor, Dorothy seems uncertain about her future.

OZ_ROTWQ_02 page 4 OZ_ROTWQ_02 page 5 OZ_ROTWQ_02 page 7

Written by Jeff and Kristen Massey | Artwork by Antonio Bifulco | Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar | Letters by Ghost Glyph Studios | Edited by Nicole Glade

OZ_ROTWQ_02_cover A OZ_ROTWQ_02_cover B OZ_ROTWQ_02_cover C OZ_ROTWQ_02_cover D


Cover A by Ken Lashley | Brett Smith
Cover B by Sean Chen | Ivan Nunes
Cover C by Sabine Rich
Cover D by Jason Metcalf | Wes Hartman

OZ_ROTWQ_02_cover F

Cover F – 2015 Dallas Fan Expo Exclusive (limited to 500) by Ed Benes | Ula Mos


Wonderland #36
The Well of Dreams Part Four

After the Squire helps her acquire a powerful relic called the En Passant, Calie and Cheshire pursue the incorporeal Terror, who has been wreaking havoc in Wonderland. However, when Terror taps into Cheshire’s subconscious, he brings forth the monster that Calie’s guard used to be. Now Calie must face off with her most trusted friend with the fate of her kingdom hanging in the balance.

WONDER036 page 1 WONDER036 page 2 WONDER036 page 10

Written by Erica J. Heflin | Artwork by Manuel Preitano | Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti | Letters by Christy Sawyer | Edited by Pat Shand

WONDER036_cover A WONDER036_cover B WONDER036_cover C

Cover A by Jason Metcalf | Stephen Schaffer
Cover B by Vinz el Tabanas
Cover C by Pasquale Qualano | Ylenia di Napoli

WONDER036_cover D

Cover D – Year 10 Photo Shoot Exclusive (limited to 350) by David Nakayama


2016 Zenescope Calendar

Zenescope Entertainment is known for having some of the best and most visually stunning cover artwork in comic books today. For a decade, the company has reinvented fairy tales, fables, and other amazing age-old stories for a new generation of readers.
Celebrate with a year of some of Zenescope’s beautiful covers by top artists: Artgerm, Cris Delara, Franchesco!, Mike Krome, Meguro, Nei, Jamie Tyndall, and more! This calendar even includes a bonus centerfold.

2016_zen_calendar_backcover 2016_zen_calendar_cover 2016_zen_calendar12

Christopher Cote
<p>Art Director of Zenescope Entertainment</p>

2 thoughts on “Zenescope New Releases | June 3rd

  1. Where will I be able to get wonderland photoshoot cover? Don’t see it on the site yet

  2. A few things I’m glad to see: Reign Of the Witch Queen doesn’t just follow up on the Warlord mini, it incorporates information from the V2 Tales (like the evil Headmaster from Zamora’s Tale and–potentially–Glinda’s return from the dead). I’m curious about the minstrel, too. And liking the Squire from the Wonderland Ongoing, even though she just showed up a few issues ago. And the Pink Rabbit. And just about every character in Wonderland, dead or alive. Can’t wait to see what happens when you bring Alice back for her 10th Anniversary Shot.
    Oh, and I was on PreviewsWorld yesterday and I saw you’re starting this mini called “Coven” in July. Good to hear the Salem’s Daughter material isn’t dead. Avril *is* a descendant of Anna’s, right?
    Aghh! More questions and more waiting I don’t want to do! Good night :P

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