Zenescope New Releases | August 12th

Grimm Fairy Tales #113
War Is Over

Arcane Acre’s first school year ended on a devastating note. Possessed by the spirits of the Mad Hatter, Violet Liddle killed her fellow student, Hailey, and released an enemy of untold power: Bloody Bones. Even the Horde fell before him, losing their leader – The Dark One – to his might. After making some changes, Arcane Acre now enters its second year in the hopes that they may carry on in their fight against evil.

GFT113 page 1 GFT113 page 2 GFT113 page 3

Written by Pat Shand | Artwork by David Lorenzo Riveiro | Colors by Erick Arciniega | Letters by Ghost Glyph Studios | Edited by Nicole Glade | Production & Design by Christoper Cote & Joi Dariel

GFT113 cover A GFT113 cover B GFT113 cover C

Cover A by Sean Chen | Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Cover B by Alfredo Reyes | Stephen Schaffer
Cover C by Paulo Pantalena | Ula Mos

Wonderland #38
Retribution: Part II

The demonic Terror has escaped from his jail cell, and Dark Cheshire believes that Squire is to blame. As the silent, fallen Realm Knight prepares to be sentenced, Calie is making new connections on Earth. She goes on a date with Drew, a former classmate… but when the Terror pays him a visit, this new romance quickly turns into a nightmare.

WONDER038 page 1 WONDER038 page 2 WONDER038 page 3

Written by Erica J. Heflin | Artwork by Marc Rosete | Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti | Letters by Christy Sawyer | Edited by Pat Shand | Production & Design by Christopher Cote & Joi Dariel

WONDER038_cover A WONDER038_cover B WONDER038_cover C

Cover A by Meguro
Cover B by Andrea Errico | Ylenia di Napoli
Cover C by Ted Hammond

Family Pets trade paperback, published by Silver Dragon Books, an imprint of Zenescope Entertainment

Ever since her parents died on her fifth birthday, Thomasina has been daydreaming that something amazing will happen in her life to make up for everything she’s been through.
After turning sixteen, Thomasina begins to accept that her life will remain unremarkable… but when she wakes up to discover that her foster family has been turned into pet animals, her ordinary life will turn into an extraordinary adventure!

FamilyPets_TPB_page 6  FamilyPets_TPB_page 8FamilyPets_TPB_page 15


Written by Pat Shand | Artwork by Sarah Dill | Letters by Jim Campbell


Cover by Sarah Dill