Zenescope New Releases | August 19th

Van Helsing vs. Dracula #1
An Imperial Affliction

Last year, Liesel Van Helsing was attacked by an evil from her father’s past… but she survived, and has moved on with her life. Besides becoming the name that vampires fear, she’s also found love… in the strangest place. However, when old friends come calling for help, Van Helsing finds herself pulled into a final conflict with the deadliest vampire of all time!

VanHelsingvsDracula_01 page 4-5VanHelsingvsDracula_01 page 6-7

Written by Pat Shand | Artwork by Michele Bandini | Colors by Walter Pereyra | Letters by Jim Campbell | Edited by Nicole Glade | Production & Design by Christopher Cote & Joi Dariel

VanHelsingVSDracula_01 cover A VanHelsingVSDracula_01 cover B VanHelsingVSDracula_01 cover C VanHelsingVSDracula_01 cover D

Cover A by Richard Ortiz | Ylenia di Napoli
Cover B by Jarreau Wimberly
Cover C by Billy Tucci | Ula Mos
Cover D by Paolo Pantalena | Ula Mos

Coven #2

Avril Williams, the prophesied witch of untold power, finds her coven brutally murdered and her own safety in peril as a captive of the New Crusaders. Baba Yaga pursues her, hoping to save the young witch. Unable to do it alone, she’s forced to team up with an old but powerful enemy… Perhaps saving one of their own can end their strife.

Coven_02 page 1 Coven_02 page 2 Coven_02 page 4

Written by Zach Calig | Artwork by Diego Galindo | Colors by Michael Bartolo | Letters by Charles Pritchett | Edited by Nicole Glade | Production & Design by Christopher Cote & Joi Dariel

Coven_02 COVER A Coven_02 COVER B Coven_02 COVER C Coven_02 COVER D

Cover A by Daniel Leister | Sean Ellery
Cover B by Tony Brescini | Ivan Nunes
Cover C by Jamie Tyndall | Ula Mos
Cover D by Abhishek Malsuni

Robyn Hood Ongoing Volume 2

Monsters in the Dark

One year ago, Robyn Locksley was brought to Myst, a realm of swords and sorcery, to save the city of Nottingham from a great evil. Lives were lost and hearts were broken, but the war is finally over. Joined by Marian Quin – a witch, who has up until now, only known the ways of Myst – Robyn returns home to New York City, ready to begin a new chapter in her life.
However, beneath the shining lights of the big city dwells a darkness that threatens to swallow Manhattan whole. When Robyn finds herself the target of a demonic cult, a man who is cursed to live as a zombie, and an ancient order called the Cabal, she’ll soon realize that danger surrounds her at every turn.

RH_MITD_TPB02_page 22-23 RH_MITD_TPB02_page 35 RH_MITD_TPB02_page 70

Written by Pat Shand | Artwork by Roberta Ingranata | Colors by Slamet Mujiono | Letters by Jim Campbell | Art Direction & Design by Christopher Cote


Cover by Richard Ortiz | Ylenia di Napoli


Christopher Cote
<p>Art Director of Zenescope Entertainment</p>

2 thoughts on “Zenescope New Releases | August 19th

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but, didn’t Van Helsing die during the lead up to Age of Darkness? I think it great that she’s back and all but how is she alive? Or does all this take place before AoD? Same for Robyn Hood, pre or post-AoD? I know these are probably stupid questions but yeah I’m a bit mixed up.

    1. I asked this same question months ago, and the answer is: Robyn Hood, GFT #101+, Wonderland 26+, GFT vs Wonder, Goddess, Inc., Helsing v Dracula, (most of) the Year 10 ish’s, GTT, Little Mermaid (I think), and everything else Zenescope has printed in the Grimm Universe (except the AOD miniseries’ and the Oz trilogy) since the realms fell in GFT 100 takes place after the Realm War. So some point between RW 12 and the titles I mentioned, Robyn is no longer evil and just about everyone who was killed during an AOD title gets brought back to life. How that happens still remains to be seen.

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