Zenescope New Releases | September 2nd

Wonderland #39
The Butcher

The mysterious Ace of Spades is gathering his army for an attack on Wonderland. Meanwhile, Calie continues to purge the madness from the denizens of the realm, but she’s about to face a threat unlike any she’s seen before.

WONDER039 page 1 WONDER039 page 2 WONDER039 page 3

Written by Erica J. Heflin | Artwork by Marc Rosette | Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti | Letters by Christy Sawyer | Edited by Pat Shand | Production & Design by Christopher Cote & Joi Dariel

WONDER039_cover_A WONDER039_cover_B WONDER039_cover_C

Cover A by Mike Krome | Ula Mos
Cover B by Daniel Leister | Wes Hartman
Cover C by Chris Ehnot | David Delanty

Charmed Season 10 #11
Fear Always Comes Back

Coop and Henry have succeeded in resurrecting Cole’s father, Benjamin Turner… but he was brought back in the wrong body! Meanwhile, the former demon Kyra revealed the truth about what Prue has become… the Nexus of the All. Now, no longer bound to her lonely castle in the desert, Prue reconstitutes Cole’s body as a home for Ben Turner’s soul. What does Prue have in mind for this man out of time?

Charmed_Ten_11 page 1 Charmed_Ten_11 page 2 Charmed_Ten_11 page 3

Written by Pat Shand | Artwork by Elisa Feliz | Colors by Valentina Cuomo | Letters by Christy Sawyer

Charmed_Ten_11 cover A

Cover A by David Seidman

Tales of Terror Oversized hardcover

Horror returns to comics with Zenescope Entertainment’s frightening and fun Grimm Tales of Terror anthology! From the classic literature of Poe and Hawthorne to modern day urban legends, this series re-imagines the creepy stories you know and love for a new generation of readers! Keres, the goddess of death, loves to punish those who she deems deserving of her wrath, and many unsuspecting people who cross her path are about to learn a harsh lesson about morality. This gorgeous hardcover collects 13 issues of one of the best horror comics currently on shelves!

GTOT_HC01_page 11 GTOT_HC01_page 39 GTOT_HC01_page 241

Written by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, LaToya Morgan, Meredith Finch, and more | Artwork by Antonio Bifulco, Vincenzo Riccardi, and more | Colors by Fran Gamboa, Marco Lesko, and more | Letters by various | Edited by Nicole Glade | Art Direction & Design by Christopher Cote


Cover by Stjepan Sejic




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