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Zenescope New Releases | September 30, 2015

Grimm Fairy Tales 114
Death Breath

Sela and Shang have located a new prospective student… Mary. But when their first interaction with her includes a horde of the undead and a ritualistic murder, they’ll be faced with a difficult decision. Meanwhile, at Arcane Acre, Skye and Wiglaf begin to suspect that Lance is manipulating them.

GFT114 page 1 GFT114 page 2 GFT114 page 3 GFT114 page 4

Pat Shand (Writer) David Lorenzo Riveiro (Artwork) Erick Arciniega (Colors) Ghost Glyph Studios (Letters) Pat Shand (Editor) Christopher Cote & Joi Dariel (Production & Design) Christopher Cote (Art Direction)

GFT114 cover A GFT114 cover B GFT114 cover C

Harvey Tolibao & Ivan Nunes (Cover A) Pasquale Qualano & Ylenia Di Napoli(Cover B) Franchesco! (Cover C) Age Velez (Diamond Retailer Summit Exclusive Covers D & E)


Grimm Fairy Tales 2015 Halloween Special

Sela Mathers is asked to be a guest speaker at St. Theodora University, a small college in Indiana. But what she doesn’t realize is that three entities from her past are out for vengeance and plan to teach Sela a terrifying lesson of their own.

GFTHAL2015 page 1 GFTHAL2015 page 2 GFTHAL2015 page 3 GFTHAL2015 page 4

Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, & Troy Brownfield (Story) Troy Brownfield (Writer) Mario Del Pennino (Artwork) Jorge Alberto Cortes (Colors) Saida Temofonte (Letters) Nicole Glade (Editor) Christopher Cote & Joi Dariel (Production & Design) Christopher Cote (Art Direction)

GFTHAL2015_cover A GFTHAL2015_cover B GFTHAL2015_cover C GFTHAL2015_cover D

Pasquale Qualano & Alessia Nocera (Cover A) Meguro (Silence of the Lamb homage Cover B) Jason Cardy (Cover C) Maria Laura Sanapo & Alessia Nocera (Cover D) Mike Debalfo & Ivan Nunes (NYCC Cosplay Exclusive LE500)


Aliens vs Zombies 3 of 5

In order to save humanity and end the zombie threat, Captain Nova and her team must battle their way to a graveyard to retrieve a crucial piece of equipment. But once they arrive, they find they’re not the only ones fighting for survival. A group of students may be next to join the zombie horde, unless Nova and her fellow aliens can save them.

AVZ03 page 1 AVZ03 page 2 AVZ03 page 3

Joe Brusha (Writer) Vincenzo Riccardi (Artwork) Grostieta (Colors) Micah Myers (Letters) Ralph Tedesco (Editor) Christopher Cote & Joi Dariel (Production & Design) Christopher Cote (Art Direction)

AVZ03 cover A AVZ03 cover B AVZ03 cover C AVZ03 cover D

Jason Metcalf & Ivan Nunes (Cover A) Anthony Spay & Sanju Nivangune (Cover B) Giuseppe Camaro & Brett Smith (Cover C) Marat Mychaels & David Delanty (Cover D)


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Christopher Cote
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One thought on “Zenescope New Releases | September 30, 2015

  1. Both GFT issues this week were gold. Nice Halloween revenge story and a new character (Kimmay–hate the spelling, dig the exorcism blast). But the best new character award goes to Maria in the Death Breath issue. Great personality, awesome power set, and well-done voiceover character development. I also see great potential for “unforeseen” disaster when she gets to Arcane Acre (Ali + Maria + Skye = another possible love triangle + unstoppable ghost zombies).

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