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Escape From Monster Island #1

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Richard Ortiz | Ylenia DiNapoli Antonio Bifulco | Jorge Cortes Mike Krome | Ula Mos Alfredo Reyes | Stephen Schaffer

The Story So Far…

For decades, the U.S. Government has covered up the existence of dozens of species of dangerous creatures that have been captured over the years. After building a small, secretive city on a remote island in the Pacific, these monsters were transported there to be studied. 

In 2012, disaster struck and the island was evacuated. Now the inmates have taken over, and different species fight for control within the city walls. However, something extremely valuable was left behind on the island and the only way to recover it is to send an elite mercenary unit into the most dangerous place in the world… Monster Island.

EFMI_01 page 1EFMI_01 page 2EFMI_01 page 3

Writer: Joe Tyler
Artwork: Carlos Granda
Colors: Jorge Cortes
Letters: Fabio Amelia
Editor: Ralph Tedesco
Production & Design: Christopher Cote | Joi Dariel

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