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Grimm Fairy Tales #121: “The Shadow Girl, Part Two”

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Ken Lashley | Hedwin Zaldivar Paolo Pantalena | Arif Prianto Jason Cardy

Previously in Grimm Fairy Tales…

After taking refuge with a group of militarized civilians preparing to fight back against otherworldly threats, Skye and Lance are attacked by Bloody Bones. After Lance is blown to bits, Bloody Bones attempts to drain Skye of her power… but once he gets a taste of the darkness that lies within her, Bloody Bone’s body begins to fail him!


The countdown to the big finale is here! As Skye and Lance call the other students of Arcane Acre to action, Bloody Bones attacks when it is least expected. Desperate times have led Sela to desperate measures, though, and she has a plan that will reunite her with her daughter and end this threat once and for all.

GFT121 page 1GFT121 page 2GFT121 page 3

Writer: Pat Shand
Artwork: Manuel Preitano
Colors: Erick Arciniega
Letters: Ghost Glyph Studios
Editor: Pat Shand
Production & Design: Christopher Cote | Joi Dariel

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