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Wonderland #46: “The Kilkenny Cats”

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Manuel Preitano Daniel Leister | Hedwin Zaldivar Paul Green

Previously in Wonderland…

The opposition has won. Calie, Violet, and Cheshire have been kicked out of their kingdom and, under the tyrannical rule of the Ace of Spades, Wonderland has fallen again. Now that they’re back on Earth, their enemy is sending horrors from the Realm of Dreams to corrupt reality. It is up to Wonderland’s former White Queen to put a stop to these living nightmares…


Calie and Violet’s quest to hunt down the denizens of Wonderland leads them to the quiet town of Kilkenny. But this quaint mid-western paradise is not all that it seems. The people have abandoned their homes, leaving only their pet cats behind. As the ravenous felines stalk the streets, it is up to Dark Cheshire to discover the true nature of the Kilkenny Cats.

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Writer: Erica J. Heflin
Artwork: Dimat
Colors: Leonardo Paciarotti
Letters: Christy Sawyer
Editor: Pat Shand
Production & Design: Christopher Cote | Joi Dariel

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