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Escape from Monster Island #5


Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D
Sami Kivela | Ivan Nunes Alfredo Reyes | Mohan Sivakami Cris Delara Caio Cacau

The Elf Queen imprisons Kelsey but she needs something from her. Merrick and Xorn mount a rescue attempt but it’s one that will force Kelsey to make an impossible decision. Meanwhile, MASI Island’s force field is hours from failing and the team must figure out an escape plan before the U.S. Government nukes the island off the map.

EFMI_05 page 1

EFMI_05 page 2

EFMI_05 page 3

Writer: Joe Tyler
Artwork: Carlos Granda
Colors: Jorge Cortes
Letters: Fabio Amelia
Editor: Jessica Rossana
Production & Design: Christopher Cote | Joi Dariel

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