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Satan’s Hollow #6

Cover A Connecting Gatefold Cover B Cover C Cover D
Allan Otero | Ivan Nunes Anthony Spay | Ivan Nunes Noah Salonga | Mohan Sivakami Johnny Desjardins |

Twenty years ago in Blue Ash the doorway to hell was nearly opened. One father’s love for his little girl was able to stop it from happening. Now, two decades later, the same forces of evil have the doorway poised to open again. All that can stop them is that same girl: now a grown woman and all alone. And this time love and hope have abandoned her.

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Allan Otero
Colors: Fran Gamboa & J.C. Ruiz
Letters: Matt Krotzer
Editor: Dave Franchini
Production & Design: Christopher Cote | Joi Dariel

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